Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Horse Of A Different Color

It was a really good evening at Vineyard Recovery Church last night.
This verse from Psalm 115 kind of sums it all up.
The unfailing love and faithfulness of God was very evident from beginning to end as we met last night.

Lot's of "first-timers" at the meeting, and now we are starting to see some regulars. God is building this meeting, one week at a time. All we have to do is stay out of the way and follow His instructions. 

I made the comment last night that I was a lousy juggler. I'm always amazed at those people who can juggle multiple objects and do so with great ease.
Me? I can juggle one ball. I'm good at it, but one ball is my limit. Put that in context of church....I'm good at one thing, and one thing only. Introducing people to the real Jesus. I don't know if that qualifies as a spiritual gift or not, but it seems to the one that has followed me around since the beginning.

In fact, if you come to VRC one Saturday evening, you'll see how one track we are. We don't have a list of programs to choose from. We don't even have a children's church or a nursery at this time (That is something that I am praying about---maybe for a future time. We'll let God sort that one out).
We just have worship, the Word, and an opportunity to meet this Jesus during ministry time. Of course you need to cover the evening with a healthy does of love, because we truly are learning how to love as the Father commands us.

We fully realize that VRC is a church in transition. It will always be a church in flux because of the nature of the one's who come through the door. Some are with us for 7 weeks...others for 6 months, and we'll have some who will be with us for a year. During that time, we want to make sure that they have had an encounter with Jesus and have come to this relationship with Him that we teach about. Once that has been established, we can begin to direct them and aid them as they grow. We are constantly giving away teaching CD's from not only of VRC, but from others that we have found value in. 

In 2009, Christy Wimber, daughter-in-law of John Wimber, made a statement in an article she wrote about what she saw as the future of the Vineyard movement as a whole. She said that she felt like we were headed into a new season with God and that there would be new fruit produced. If that is true, and I do believe it is, then to me, Vineyard Recovery Church would be evidence of this new fruit. We are not a recovery meeting. We are not a 12 step meeting....we are not Celebrate Recovery. All of those have merit on their own, and we highly recommend them as a means of staying connected. But we are a recovery church. We focus on the power behind the steps. The steps are merely boundaries and directions on how to follow Jesus. 

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