Thursday, February 27, 2014

Does God Play Hide And Seek?

I Chronicles 15:4
But in their distress they turned to the LORD, the God of Israel, and sought him, and He was found by them.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm sure you have heard that one before, but there is great truth in that statement.

Desperate times will make a person do things they normally wouldn't do, or even think about doing. Pressure, both emotionally and spiritually, will turn a persons belief system upside down. The things and ways that have been relied on in the past are cast aside and a frantic search for something that would bring stability to an individuals life.

Kind of funny really, if you read that verse from I Chronicles.
It doesn't say that "in their distress they turned to the church."  It doesn't say that "In their distress, they turned to Christian TV or radio." No! They turned to God.
Desperation has a way of breaking down the barriers between a person and God. In fact, I'm not so sure that desperation comes from God. That He uses it to get our attention. He will get you arrested with numerous felony counts staring at you on your next court date. He will get your so called "friends" to roll on you when it means their own necks.  He will corner you until there are no options left and, in your desperation, wait for you to cry out for Him. Sounds cruel doesn't it? Sounds like God plays these little games with our very lives. Bottom line here is that we are talking about eternity, not only about what happens here on this side of heaven. Why would God do this? He love us. No, really He wants to give each of us this incredible gift of real life and a relationship with Him that is not bound by time or distance. 

It's kind of like me making some really dumb choices and,in the process, breaking my arm. I mean it is a terrible break where the bone is sticking through the flesh. They rush me to the hospital and when we roll through the emergency room doors, I'm screaming, "Morphine!"....the doctor is screaming "X-ray!". He's not real concerned with my comfort at that point, but he is concerned about me getting healed. Get it! The doctor doesn't appear to be loving or caring, but in fact that is exactly what he is. It just didn't look like it to me. Same with God. We find ourselves in situations and circumstance where "the bone" is sticking out and we are in such emotional pain. We cry out to God and He comes and begins to take us through the process of healing. It doesn't always look like what we think it should look like, and sometimes we get mad because of this. We get mad and turn back away from God. Give Him the time to bring this healing to you. Don't let your impatience cut short what He has in store for you.

Remember the verse from I Chronicles....
They cried out.....
They looked for Him....
HE was found by them....

You can take that to the bank. God works in this fashion.
Think on this today...

God on you..

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