Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Barnett Is Coming! Living Sacrifices Worship Conference 2014

John Barnett will be joining Carl Tuttle at the Gadsden Vineyard next Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the 2nd annual Living Sacrifices Worship Conference. 

John's roots go deep in the Vineyard movement as a songwriter, worship leader, teacher and mentor. For over two decades, John has remained out of the limelight while quietly penning songs such as "Holy And Anointed One", "Father Of Lights", "Throne Of Grace" and others that have become standards in the churches around the world. Over the years, John has developed a musical style that is simple and unique, keeping an unrefined edge to his songs while maintaining a close eye on theological content. This sound he calls "Congregational Americana", blending folk, rock, country, bluegrass and pop together with worshipful lyrics and singable melodies to create a timeless expression of worship.   

Over the years, my taste in music and my desire to worship have become one in the same. I did not find much use for what was passing as "Praise Music". It was way to formulated for me. A good friend of mine called it "ear candy"....sweet to take in but no spiritual value what so ever. Then I heard another friend play a John Barnett song, "Heaven Came Down".  Thus began a search to learn and hear more about his music. I was not disappointed at all. That is why I was so excited to know that he, his wife Marie, Danny Daniels and Chris Lizotte were coming to Gadsden to be a part of the first Gadsden Vineyard Worship conference. I was not disappointed. You need to understand why I am writing this. There is a collective worship voice out there that is writing, producing, and recording some pretty incredible worship music. John is one of those writers. His CD "Never look back" has been playing on my mp3 player for well over a year now. No matter how many times I hear the song "He Has Overcome"....I am still stirred deep in my spirit to find renewed hope that no matter what I face today, Jesus has overcome. Jesus...Christ my Lord, Christ my God....Christ my king.

I promise if you come to this years Living Sacrifices Worship Conference, you will go away renewed and filled with a sense that (1) God is still in control and (2) Now more than ever, we need to learn what it truly means to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

Check out Gadsden Vineyard Facebook for detail and costs to the conference.

God on you....

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