Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hee Haw And Me

Hee Haw? Really?
Hee Haw Gospel Quartet? C'mon, you're pulling my leg!
That sound you hear...
Those four voices and that guitar is the style of music I grew up with.

I learned how to sing harmony listening to this type of music.

Songs such as the Chuck Wagon Gang's "On the Jericho Road" well as anything Tennessee Ernie Ford ever recorded was a staple on the record player at the Bynum house. And the funny part in all of this is that I didn't appreciate it at the time. After all, I was part of the Rock and Roll generation. I'm sure that my mother spent many a long night praying for the soul of her son and his love for "THAT" music. 

When I hear the song "Jesus, Hold My Hand" there are so many people that come to my mind. I can see Mr. Clarence Whisenant standing in our church choir. Booming Bass voice that filled the bottom of every song that was sung. Hymn book raised up in front of his face, head tilted back....the room resonating with his voice. I wanted to sing bass so bad. As I was growing up and puberty hit me with full force, I just knew that on the other side of this change, I would be able to sing like Mr. Whisenant. Alas...I was stuck forever in the tenor scale, never to trod the bass notes that I longed for.

Mrs. Chandler sang alto. She had a voice that relied on volume no matter what the dynamics of the song might be. Always moving underneath the soprano's, Mrs. Chandler kept all the ladies in line as the song progressed. The one thing I remember most about her, was that she was a very little woman. I always thought to myself, "How does such a huge voice come out of such a little person?" Always with a smile on her face, she loved Jesus. You know there aren't many people you can truly say that about. She really did love Jesus.

Charles Bryson was our choir director and possessed the clearest and most beautiful tenor voice I think I've ever heard. Charles sang "I Come To The Garden Alone" at my Mother's funeral. Charles kind of made me realize that not being able to sing bass was o.k. He is probably the most kindest and gentle man I've ever met. I still see him, from to time, at Wal-mart. Then again, I see everyone at Wally world. Quick with a smile and a handshake, Charles always asks how the family is doing. He probably encouraged me to sing more than anyone else in my life.

I could go on and on about these and others who have been a part of my life, but I won't bore you with the stories or details. I have been blessed over the years to make some pretty good music and sing with some pretty incredible folks. The Vineyard ReCovery Worship team is probably my most favorite group of all. We've been together for 9 years. We've learned how to take a 4 piece group and make it sound like a full blown band. God has given us a sound that, to me, is very unique. Not better than others....and, after last Saturday  night and the WE ARE ONE TOUR rolled through, no where close to some. We are who we are and if one thing could be said about our worship team, it would be how I defined Mrs. Chandler. We simply love Jesus. The fact that we have some talent affords us the incredible opportunity to play and sing to Him.

I'm very grateful this morning for all the people God has passed through my life that have had an influence on me musically. Every time I get to strap on my guitar and join others to sing and play.......well, that's a present.

God on you...


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