Friday, April 10, 2015

VRC Is Two Years Old

Acts 1:8
......."And you shall be Witnesses to Me......

Tomorrow night, we will celebrate the second anniversary of Vineyard ReCovery Church. Has it really been two years? Well, kind of. The actual date of our first meeting was April 13th.

The verse from Acts kind of describes what it is we do and who we are as a community of believers. We want to be a witnesses, not to religion but relationship. We want to influence everyone who comes to Saturday night. We want to strip away every wrong conception that others may have about "church" and help them to see Jesus.

I never have wanted to have a church where I just collected a bunch of folks and held on to them. I've always felt that if we could influence people to see church in a different light......influence them that this Jesus was worth chasing after.....then they would seek God on their own for relationship and community. Influence them to go beyond sitting in a pew or chair, to being a follower. 

I guess you could say that we are a seed-bed for the kingdom. People come to the meeting, and hopefully run into the real deal God. In the process, our prayer each week is that they would have something planted in their spirit by God. We may not get to see the fruit of what God did, but we know and trust that the seed is good seed. We trust God to bring out what He desires to in that person at His time.

We try to keep the meetings loose and open to what ever the Holy Spirit wants to do. That means that you may come one Saturday and I have a message planned out. Or you may come and the message gets tossed because that wasn't what God wanted to say. The worship may be loud and gritty one week....and the next very intimate to the point of drawing us into an very private and intimate place with God. 

I always encourage people to come and try one meeting. See if you like it.
I know that meeting on Saturday night is not your typical church night, but even that has a purpose. For whatever reason, Saturday night has always been looked at as a night to party...which in that old lifestyle means to get "tore up from the floor up". Well, Let's get tore up from the floor up for Jesus.

We want to take back Saturday night from the devil and, at the same time, show people that it is possible to have a little fun with Jesus. All Christian's don't sit around looking like they were baptized in lemon juice, measuring their sanctification by the droop of their frowns. No! We've got something to celebrate. THAT is why we do Saturday evenings.

Hope to see you this Saturday.
Gonna be a good one!

God on you..

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