Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Prayer Tuesday

Good morning....
Hope you survived the deluge that came down last night. Me? I was out in it around 7 p.m.
My wife had stepped out onto the porch, when she called to me and said, "You better get out here...our ditch is flooded." Well, not only was our ditch flooded, but it was beginning to cover the road, and over into our neighbor's ditch. It was time for some manly work to be done, so armed with my trusty hoe and rake, I waded into the rushing torrent. Well, maybe it wasn't so much a torrent as it was a ditch full of water. Several swipes with my trusty hoe removed the debris that was blocking the culvert, and the water begin to flow. Flow would be to simple a word. Think Hoover Dam. Think gushing water rapidly moving down our street. Neighbors all around begin to cheer my efforts, as I saved our community from sure destruction. Maybe I exaggerated that part. In fact I'm pretty sure if my neighbors saw me out in the rain, flaying a hoe like a mad man, they probably considered calling the local authorities. Oh, well...another evening on Greene Street.

Great Bible study at Rapha yesterday. Started in the book of Mark. Touched on several points in Chapter 1. Mark is a book of action as evidenced (how's that Barry) by the use of the word immediately. Mark is focused on Jesus as a servant. One who is capable of carrying out the duties that had been assigned to Him by His heavenly Father. Those present for the Bible study had several good questions, and there was a lot of interaction. Like I said it was a good day. So, if it's Tuesday, and I had Bible study yesterday, that must mean I asked for prayer requests. Here's the list.

1.) One of the men present asked prayer for his father who is currently locked up because of his own addiction. He is at that stage where the reality of his life has come crashing down on him. Prayer to break depression, and that he might come to the realization of his need for Jesus.

2.) Prayer for a grandfather who has had a stroke.

3.) One shared of his need to have wisdom in how to work the steps for his recovery. 

4.) Prayer for a daughter. She doesn't understand why daddy can't come home and be with her.

5.) One man asked prayer for himself and his wife and five children, that he would get this recovery right this time. Prayer for provision for the wife and children while he is in treatment.

6.) One asked that we pray for his Dad and his grandmother. Both have cancer.

7.) Prayer for wife and son who are struggling with him being in treatment. Struggling financially and just the sheer fact of separation.

Thanks to all who participate in this prayer effort.
Let's keep them lifted to the Father, and then share in the joy when these prayers are answered.

God on you....


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