Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rapha Prayer List

Psalm 78:7
So each generation should set its hope anew on God......

Every time I drive out to Rapha, the same thing happens.
I turn off of Hwy 77 and head down toward the camp...
As I make the turn, and the pond, and the cross come into view, I feel like I'm coming home. Around the curve and into the compound, I usually park under the tree that has stood guard over the camp for as long as I can remember. The day room....chapel....R.A. office..I see the cafeteria and the dorms. Memories come like rapid fire snap shots. I remember the night I had to come back to the camp to let a man know that his brother had died. I remember the time when the entire camp flooded and was under two feet of water. Then there was the pond that overflowed. It could no longer stay within its banks so it flooded across the road, over into the drainage ditch. Funny thing about this incident, was the fact that fish were crossing the road during this flooding. You could actually wade out and catch them with your hands as they went by. Memories.....I guess that is the best part of getting older...to be loaded to the gills with some good memories.

Some of the best memories I have are stories where prayers were answered. I believe in prayer...I know, I know..others do too. But I believe that there are more things not given over to God than we care to admit. Things that we think we can handle, or things that aren't big enough for us to take to God. That's a dumb way of looking at it. If your child came to you with a splinter in their hand, you wouldn't tell them "Come back when you've cut an artery or have a compound fracture". No! You'd take them, love them, and get that darn splinter out. Why don't we believe that God is concerned with every area of our lives? He is. This is why I take up prayer request on Monday, when I'm at Rapha. I don't cull any of the request as not being important. They all are. SO here's the list for this week.

1.) Man is getting custody of his eight year old son, once the man leaves the program. He is not real sure of his ability to be the father he needs to be. He told me that he needs God to do for him what he is incapable of doing for himself.

2.) The camp crud. Upper respiratory congestion...coughing...runny noses....and on and on. Pray for healing to those who are suffering from it.

3.) A wife continues to struggle with her husband being in treatment. But the struggle manifests itself in the form of trying to get him to leave. The man knows he needs to stay and get the help he needs. 

4.) Prayers for a healing. Man shared with me that his dad and his grandmother both have cancer. We need God to bring healing to these two, and that they may come to know Him better.

5.) Prayers for a father that has been diagnosed with a muscular degenerative disease.

6.) Prayers that the Spirit of God would cover the camp and that everyone would be uncovered when they seek to do wrong.

There you go...
Thanks for being a part of this prayer list.
I hope to update you on the prayers that we pray.
God on you...


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