Friday, March 4, 2016

Eternity Is A Powerful Long Time

Matthew 6:13
.....'For Yours is the kingdom and power and the glory FOREVER, Amen.

That is a powerful long time.

Truth is, there isn't any time when it comes to eternity.
Oh, we try to come up with examples to give our minds a measuring rod to gauge eternity by...
First one I ever heard was as follows:

"A sparrow starts on the Atlantic side of the United States. It dips its beak into the ocean and takes up a mouthful. That sparrow flies across the U.S. and empties his mouthful of ocean water into the Pacific. That same sparrow does this over and over until he empties the Atlantic Ocean. That would be but one second in eternity."

Kind of far fetched, but it does convey the idea that eternity is a bit long.
Every thing about God is found in eternity.
He Is eternal...existing outside the boundaries of time or space.
His rule is eternal, and might I add consistent.

Like I said, it's hard to wrap my brain around an eternal God.
What's even more hard is to come to the place where I realize that I am an eternal being.

Oh, the old body will wear out and eventually return to the dust.
But the real me....the spirit man, will continue on.
I guess you could say that everything we do here on this side of, is practice for when we cross over.
We worship God here on this side...W
We have our instruments..
We have our worship teams...
We have lights and sound equipment...
We have those brief moments where the veil between this side and the other grows very thin and we touch the presence of God with our worship.
But in eternity, none of those things will matter.
We will have God Himself.
We will stand with a vast crowd and worship the one who gave Himself for us that we might worship Him.

The other side to this eternal puzzle is the "not so good side".
Some refer to it as hell.
Oh it conjures up images of fire and brimstone...
Suffering and the gnashing of teeth because of the torment.

A place of utter darkness and separation from God.
A place that if you're there, you will pray to die, but it won't happen.
Originally designed for the devil and his angels, it will also be like heaven in that it is an eternal place.
I use to wonder why be punished for eternity?
But then I saw it.
We have sinned against an eternal God...A God who designed a way to make the payment for sin that all mankind carries around. Sin cannot go unexcused, there must be a payment made to assuage the anger of God. Knowing full well that you and I could never make that payment, God sent Jesus to take our place. How could Jesus make a payment such as the one required? He knew no sin. Sin had never, nor will it ever, be a part of His existence. So there on that cross, Jesus took upon himself the SIN of the world. He didn't just become a payment for the sin of that day and time. He became payment for past, present and future sin. Jesus himself became ground zero as God poured out His full wrath against sin  on His only Son. Maybe that is why the day turned to night as Jesus hung on that cross? As bad as the physical part of crucifixion was, the Spiritual payment required by God was worse. Jesus absorbed every bit of the sin/wrath God directed to Him so that you and I would never have to. That is why Jesus is the way....the door....the truth and life for you and I to return to a full relationship with God the Father.

I guess all this begs to ask the question, "What about you? Where will your choices today take you after life on this side is over?"
Eternity with God..?
Or eternity separated from Him?
Maybe we should ponder this today...
Even though it's all about eternity....
I don't think I would waste any time.

God on you...


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