Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Trip To Gallant...

Judges 2:10
When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which He had done for Israel.

The picture above is a place that I spent many hours at during the summer.
The Rock bridge located in Gallant, Alabama.

Growing up, my friends and I would camp out there. 
We would swim there.....
We hike the woods looking for arrow heads.

Lot of memories from my time there.

Friday, I took my grand kids out to Gallant to show them where I grew up.
But there was more to this than me getting to relive some memories.

My entire relationship in following Jesus began in this small community.
We drove to where Gallant Elementary school used to be. It's now the location of the volunteer fire department. My granddaughter, Ashley, asked me..."Poppa, you use to go to school in a fire department?" I explained that the school shut down, the property was returned to the community and the fire department took up residence.

I also told her that we didn't have indoor bathrooms at the school. Horrified over the thought of having to use an outhouse, my granddaughter firmly stated that she would "Just hold it all day till she could get home." Gotta love it!

The one thing I wanted them to know was that in that building was where I was saved.
Fifth grade....
Bro. Lewis Woods, pastor of Gallant First Baptist, had come to do a Bible lesson for our fifth grade class. This was back in the day when no one got offended by such taking place. Now days, the ACLU would be all over this with cries of "Separation of Church and State". But not so back in 1961. Bro. Lewis gave his message and then opened the floor up for anyone who wished to be saved. I remember that my heart seemed like it was going to beat out of my chest.

I went forward and prayed asking Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and for the Holy Spirit to come into my life.  Yep...right there in what is  now Gallant Fire Department is where I first met Jesus. 

I drove over to  Jones pond, located at the foot of Tumlin Gap Mountain.
This was where I was baptized.
I remember it was a beautiful June Sunday afternoon.
Elaine Whisenant and I were both baptized that day.

Family and friends lined the shore of the pond as Bro. Woods prayed over us and then lowered us under the water. Had no idea where this new found relationship would take me, but sitting here this morning, I can truthfully say, "it has been a ride!".

I drove by the house I grew up in.....seems mighty small today. Back in the day, it was huge to me. Like I said...many memories. In fact everywhere I looked my eyes saw one thing, but my memory saw another. People who have long since past from this life.
Mr. and Mrs. Lute,  Mr. and Mrs. Whisenant, Mr and Mrs. after house we past driving back to home was like a magnet, drawing out the memories. 

As I took the kids back to their home, I realized how blessed I have been.
Good folks that help to shape me into the man I am today.
A good church family that loved me and poured a good foundation into my life.
I just wanted my grandkids to understand where I came from, and at the same time realize that the exact same things are taking place in their lives today that I experienced when I was their age.

I want them to know the God I know.

God on you....

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