Monday, May 9, 2016


Psalm 5:3
Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

I love this verse.
The art and power of prayer. Is prayer not an incredible gift given to us by God so we can communicate with Him? I think maybe "yes" it is.
The one word that jumps out at me is the very last one of the verse....."Expectantly"....
You see, if I had written this verse I'm not so sure I would not have used the word "patiently".
I like the idea of something taking place other than me marking time.
Trying to do something I'm not really good at...being patient.

But there is the heart of how we are to live life.
We have been called to be an "expecting" people.

Expecting God to do what He has promised He would.
Expecting God to show up at our meetings, when we gather to worship Him.

We are to live in expectancy of Jesus' return.
As George Creel use to say..."It's time we stop looking for signs and start listening for sounds (the trumpet of God).

I really think, as followers of Jesus, we need to get up every morning with an expectation of God intervening in our affairs. God showing up to instruct us to watch out for potential traps that others may lay for us to be caught in. That He might direct us to others who may need His help, so that we can be part of the whole "Your kingdom come..Your kingdom-will be done here on earth as it is being done in heaven" thing.

As to the verse from Psalm 5, we should pray with the expectancy that God will answer our prayers. Sometimes I think people really believe that the whole prayer thing is like playing the slots at Vegas...sometimes you win, most of  the time you don't. Well, not true...God answers prayer. God answers every prayer. His answers usually fall into one of three categories. 
1.) Yes....
2.) No....
3.) Not yet.
No matter which, we should live in expectancy of God's presence, His love for us, and His desire to work in us and through us daily.

So with this in mind.....prayer and expectancy...I want to ask you to join me in prayer for a person. Needless to say they are trapped in the cycle and darkness of addiction. Their addiction has taken them to a new level of misery. talking with them, I get the feeling that they have surrendered themselves to False Belief #4 which states....I am what I am, I cannot change, I am hopeless. Such beliefs only fuel the addiction because that is a hard lie to incorporate into your daily life. Such a life will suck hope and any chance for change to happen. Even when confronted by the truth about their addiction, this false belief will kick in and cloud the truth about God, His love for them and the power He possesses to change their life.

So please pray for this person. They may have, in fact, graduated to harder drugs which puts them at risk for O.D.
Pray that their hearts would be unlocked to receive the truth.
That hardness and blindness would be broken off of their hearts, eyes and ears, and mind.

Pray that God would release angels to keep death away from this person so that the truth would lead them out of bondage. And let us all wait expectantly for God to come with healing power to this person.

God on you...


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