Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Truth I Need In My Life

Matthew 6:13
....For Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen....

The ending of the Lord's Prayer. But more than an ending...more than flowery words....they are 13 words that define the intent and the presence of God at work in the world today.

#1 -"Yours is the Kingdom"- The kingdom is defined by the dynamic rule and reign of God in our world. IT isn't about a geographical location. It is evident by action and power at work in the lives of those who have encountered Him. The Kingdom of God is present whenever someone is being prayed for, because such should be done in love. The Kingdom of God is present whenever someone is healed, delivered from demonic oppression or saved. The rule of God has come with power and has broken the stranglehold that Satan had over that life. That is the Kingdom of belongs to Him and He exercises it at His will and for His good pleasure.

#2 - "And the power" - The word used here for power is a Greek word..."Dunamis". The same that we get our word dynamite from. Explosive, forceful power. In Strong's concordance, one of the definitions for this word, Dunamis, is miraculous power. So this Power that belongs to God and is a part of His kingdom, is demonstrated through action and movement on His part. In other words, what we are talking about isn't a mental exercise where we sit and think about is a full-fledged invasion/ intervention of God's presence into our time and space. An invasion of His presence that comes with purpose to the one who receives.

#3 - "And the glory" -Every time God touches someone...every time someone is healed, delivered, saved or just comes in contact with God...they experience God's glory, or His nature and character. Because it is God who is moving and acting, His nature is brought to bear. Once again, looking to Strong's concordance, we find that the word glory means dignity, honor, praise and worship. If this be the case, then praise and worship are a result, or at least should be, of being touched by God's power as He exercises His Kingdom will.

#4 - "Forever" - perpetually on going. Never stopping. Never losing it's capability....the authority...or the purpose. The Kingdom of God continuing on until Jesus returns to complete the Kingdom here on earth.

#5 - "Amen" - Once again, looking to Mr. Strong's"...we find that the word amen means that this is a trustworthy statement concerning the Kingdom of God. It is a sure statement...a firm, foundational st statement that describes and defines God's kingdom.

So the next time you pray the Lord's prayer...let these words cause pause on your part to remember that we are declaring the rule and reign of God here in our time and space. That He has come to destroy the works of the devil, and does so with power, authority and ability...
Now if that don't set you on fire, then your woods wet.

God on you...


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