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Monday, June 27, 2016

Lighten Up

Timely wisdom that didn't come from me...
"Don't forget to laugh today!"
I love it that God invented laughter and humor.
I love it that when we laugh, our spirit become lighter.
Laughter is good stuff in my book.

The one thing I don't hear, but it lurks there in the mindset of those who are looking at beginning this road to recovery is, "I'll never have fun again."
You really believe that?
You, coming from a life that included orange jump suits, night rides in the back seat of our city civil servants cars.(also the simple fact that such rides usually included wearing bracelets)have made the determination that the fun you were currently having is over?

Oh son....you don't  know what real fun is.

In many cases, such people have not really laughed in a long time.
They have forgotten how to have fun.

In their world fun with out a substance to indulge in is a foreign concept.
That is the sadness that sin/addiction brings to the table.
I guess you could call it "false/fun"
A pseudo copy of the real deal.

My take on life is that every now and then we need to cut loose and just have some fun.
Be it with family or friends....we need to just be free to laugh and enjoy ourselves.
It would do us all some good.
Oh yeah, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.
Listen up Buttercup...the world doesn't spend that much time checking out your every move, so it's o.k. to laugh when you mess up.
Laugh when you pronounce a word wrong.

This whole laughter thing is a lot better when you can share it with someone.
I've heard is said that "misery loves company"....This might be true, but take my word
Laughter and fun is better when you share it.

I may offend some with the following statement.
When Jesus was here, I'm pretty sure he laughed.
I'm even pretty sure He had some fun, especially with the disciples.
Those bunch of knuckleheads were prime targets for a joke.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be irreverent. But think about it.....Is God not the creator of everything? Would that not include humor and laughter? I think maybe the answer is yes.

Life is too short to walk around in the doldrums, with that little grey cloud of despair always overhead. Find something to laugh about today.
Find something that gives you pleasure today, and go out and enjoy.

God on you.....

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