Sunday, June 26, 2016

Living Life

John 10:10
....."My Purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life...."

Life.....something that we sometimes take for granted.
The simple act of breathing is more than it appears to be.
Life is messy.....Life is hard, and yet, at the same time, it is the most wonderful gift God could have ever given to us.
So why did God grant us another day?
Why did He stretch out the next 24 hours before us?
So we could live it.
That's right...God granted us life so we could live it.
Enjoy everything that is possible to enjoy in this dark, fallen world.
Fall in love a little more with Jesus, as we chase after Him.
Burn with a purpose. I can't think of anything worse than to simply move through life without the original purpose God called us to.
What is that purpose?
To worship Him.
No, God does not have an ego that needs to be stroked by His little creation.
You see, when we enter into worship....when we begin to praise Him for simply being Himself, an avenue of communication is opened between heaven and this side where we live. A back and forth communication begins to take place. One of the amazing things that happens, is that we lose focus on the situations and circumstances that weigh us down, and call for attention.....that focus is suddenly shifted to God. He kind of fills the picture until He is all we see, or want to see. As Mary, the mother of Jesus, said when the angel came to tell her of her being chosen  by God...."My Soul Magnifies The Lord".  In other words, her brain and her heart had no room for anything else but God.
That is the way I want to live.
Some might say I'm dealing in pie-in-the-sky theology. I say let's try it and see if we can connect with God on a level that puts us in that place. A place where God fills up my very senses and thoughts. That I am fed by His shear presence, and have no desire to chase anything or anyone else.
Real satisfaction can come only from God's hand.
Everything else pales in comparison to God.
Accept no imitations.

God on you.....

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