Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Truth Of God Is Like A Snicker's Bar---No Matter How You Try To, Slice It, It Comes Up Truth!

John 18:36-37
"My kingdom," said Jesus, "doesn't consist of what you see around you. If it did, my followers would fight so that I wouldn't be handed over to the Jews. But I'm not that kind of king,  not the world's kind of king."

The Pilate said, "So, are you a king or not?"

Jesus answered, "You tell me. Because I am King. I was born and entered the world so that I could witness to the truth. Everyone who cares for truth, who has any feelings for the truth, recognizes my voice."

Pilate said, "What is truth?"

Truth seems to be in short supply in our world today.
That is what happens when the standard for what is truth and what isn't is removed. We become a people whose opinion is valued as truth. Never mind that hearts are dark and under sin/influence......never mind that personal agendas and manipulation are at the core of some  who proclaim truth. Society runs on majority opinion and is fueled by the fire of self rule.

Now let me make something clear.
I'm in no way proclaiming that I am the purveyor and guardian of truth. I'm not.
I do have some beliefs that I have come to understand are true, and are not open to discussion or compromise. Not because I say so, but because they come from the word of God. End of story. Take for instance the way to salvation. My understanding from reading the word of God, is that Jesus is the only way to enter into a lasting relationship with God the Father. Now to some, they argue that I am close minded. I am intolerant. I am a religious bigot of some sort. Am I? I don't believe I am. I didn't say that Jesus was the way, the only way. He did! I merely shared my belief. 

Now multiply this "truth" epidemic we suffer and throw it into the mix of addiction, and you've got yourself a powerful view of life. To an addict, the truth is something that is clearly avoided. Truth about ones self is taboo and off limits. "Can't we just get along and sing "We Are The World"? When real truth hits us under the conviction of God's Holy Spirit, it lays us open like someone on a surgical table. We are under the knife of God's truth. 
The Message Bible, in Hebrews 4:12-13 puts it like this.
"God means what he says. What He says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon's scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen (to the truth) and obey. Nothing and no one is impervious to God's Word. We can't get away from matter what."

When we reject the real truth that we find in Scripture, we began a search for false truth thinking that this will comfort us. We look for ways to discredit the truth. We'll rail against the one who shared it with us....attacking their character and calling them hypocrite. We'll put ourselves up on the "selfish" pedestal in an effort to believe that "they don't know us".

II Timothy 3:16-17
There's nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another---showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God's way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us. What tasks? Maybe tasks like "staying sober" and "chasing Jesus" instead of darkness and destruction. What do you think? Hmmmmm?

What I have found in my own life, is that there really is a truth that is the standard for all that claims to be truth. God has set the standard and, here again, it doesn't matter whether we agree or disagree as to what God's Absolute truth doesn't change the fact that it remains as the rule and standard for everyone. Of course in our society today, there  would be those who would claim...."That isn't fair!" To which I would probably reply, "What you're really saying is that God's truth goes against what you believe and want to live by." 

Psalm 51:6 - What You're (God) after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then, conceive a new, true life. King James versions says that "God desires that we know truth in our inner parts." In other words, God's truth is not a head knowledge, or a collection of facts. It is a dividing of soul and spirit that uncovers the very motives behind why we do what we do. This truth is not given to us to embarrass us or make us feel guilty. It is the beginning of seeing life in a new way. When I can see the real me and, at the same time, know what God's truth says about my old ways, I can continue to turn lose of my stinking will, and allow God to work in me, as He changes my character and nature. In other words, as I repent and confess, I began to make my decisions based on God's truth that is revealed to me.

Now that is the road to recovery.
That is the road to life.

Make it a great day!
God on you...

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