Friday, July 8, 2016

It's All About The Worship

Psalm 150:
Praise God in His sanctuary. Praise Him in His might heaven!
Praise Him for His mighty works; praise His unequaled greatness!

Praise Him with a blast of His rams' horn;
Praise Him with the lyre and harp!
Praise Him with the tambourine and dancing;
Praise Him with strings and flutes!
Praise Him with a clash of cymbals.
Praise Him with loud clanging cymbals.
Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

I love Psalm 150! Every verse begins the same......"Praise"!
Every verse contains the focus of our praise....."God"!
And every verse is directed to all of humanity that we have the privilege and honor of giving back to One who has given us life.
The funny part in this entire chapter is the very last verse......."Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord!"

Everything that has breath....
Not everything that has been saved or born again....
Not everyone that belongs to a church or a particular denomination....
But everything and everyone that draws breath!

We are to be a praise machine....
It's more than music....
It's more than dance....
Praise to God is a way of life.

Our very lives are praise to Him (or at least they should be).
Everything we do is praise unto God....
Unfortunately, in my case, some of the praise may not be what He wants from me....
Nevertheless.....It's all about learning to praise and be thankful.

Tonight, at Gadsden Vineyard Church, we will be hosting a special evening of praise.
Nori, Barbie and Cynthia Kelley will be leading us, as we gather to have a Psalm 150 evening.
The Kelley's have been a part of the church for more years than I care to count.

Their music and heart's to worship have taken them around the world.
Japan, where they lived for a number of years helping church plants and recording worship music for the church there.
Russia where they recorded the first every worship CD for the Russian VIneyards.
And on and on and on....
Yet each year, they return like the swallows to Capistrano. In this case, they come home to see old friends and to give a call to come and worship.

SO this evening, we will gather downtown at the Vineyard (7 p.m.) and have a time of corporate worship.
Tomorrow night, Vineyard ReCovery will meet (7 p.m.). The Kelly's will be leading worship as we continue on in our teaching from Luke chapter 5.

Come on out and join us!

Almost forgot...
They will be leading worship on Sunday Morning (10:30 a.m.) also at the Vineyard.

Hope to see you soon...

God on you...


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