Thursday, September 22, 2016

False Prophets Aren't Always Religious

Jeremiah 29:8-9
....."Do not listen to their dreams, because they are telling you lies in my name. I have not sent them," Says the Lord.

If you've spent any time at all reading scripture, you'll come across the term prophet. A prophet was a person picked by God to deliver His word to the people. Perhaps they had slid over into sin and was slowly moving away from what God had intended them to be. A prophet would show up and announce God's warning for them to return to His grace and His way. When we think of prophets, we think of Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah, and others who spent their lives being the very voice of God among sinful men and women.

What if the devil had his prophets?
What if the devil had those who worked for him, to deliver his message to those who are trapped in the darkness of sin?
What if his prophets didn't even know they were even delivering his message.

What if his prophets was that person who was always around trying to entice you to "Try is the best you've ever had!" ?
Or how about the person who lured you into a very bad relationship so they could use you. Their words were smooth as butter and seemed sweet as honey, but in the end you wound up broke and used.

We need to be careful who we let speak into our life. We need to be careful of those who desire to get close to us. Not everyone has our best interest as their motive. 
II Timothy 3:13
But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.
As we move farther and deeper into these last days, we need the wisdom and discernment to not fall prey to those who walk according to the desires of their own hearts. Such may appear to be friends, but you will know them by their character and their behavior. They may even be religious and all about Jesus. I have seen this type behavior over and over again. They are the first to go into religious posture when the worship music starts. Hands raised.....a long stream of "amen's" and "Thank you Jesus" fall from their lips. But you let them get outside the walls of the church and you quickly find that they are still tied to the old life. Cursing....womanizing....war stories. Such as these, stay away from. Pray for them....ask God to uncover them......but have nothing to do with such. 

I've been called naive by such as these who use God for their own purposes.
I've been lied to by these individuals. Somehow they feel as though they have put one over on me. That is so far from the truth and reality. All of us will have to answer to God. I wonder how they will feel when God uncovers their heart?

Paul goes on to write in II Timothy 3 .....But you must remain faithful to the things you have been taught. You know they are true, for you know that you can trust those who taught you. Whether we want to admit it or not, life is about learning. We are always in school either being taught by God...or by the devil. The lessons we demonstrate in our behavior reveal the truth of who we are following. Both God and the devil are out to secure the souls of people.
God, so that we can experience and live in His grace, mercy, love and salvation.
The devil, so that we can experience self-inflicted pain, misery, hurt, grief and despair. All the while, he whispers the message...."If God is so great, why is He letting you suffer like this?" My friend, you have just been listening to the words of the greatest false prophet ever to roam this planet. Why not listen to the truth of God. You might be surprised where it could lead you'

God on you....

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