Thursday, October 27, 2016


Psalm 134:2
Lift your hands toward the sanctuary and praise the LORD!!!

I love it when God shows out....
It just cranks my tractor when God moves beyond logic and interjects himself into our time and space.
Some may call this supernatural....
I just call it natural because my God is still in the business of healing.

We have a lady who has become a part of the family at VRC. Miss Docress King started coming to our meeting a few months back. She has had more than her fair share of sorrows and pain. Her daughter died last Easter because of cancer. Docress has been moving through the process of grief and has relied heavily on God to take her through this season.

A few weeks ago she went to the hospital. Seems that they'd found a mass...a tumor on her brain. She was in great pain, but through it all her hope and faith rested in the simple fact that God had her. No matter what happened, Docress felt that she was a winner. If she lived, she had family that looked to her for strength and help. If she died, she would go be with her daughter. The day I visited her in the hospital, she told me that she had great peace about the whole situation. 

Well, the doc's were trying to formulate how to best approach her condition. Now all the while this is taking place, people are praying for Docress. You see there are some folks, me included, that still believe that God is in the healing business. That the Kingdom of God is here, maybe not in its fullness, but is still in operation in this old dark world. Anyway, they took her down for some tests and a funny thing happened. After an MRI, they could not find the tumor anywhere. It was gone. Get it? It had vanished. Almost as if someone had reached down and removed it. Oh yeah, that's exactly what happened. Someone reached down and removed it. She was healed. 

Docress was released from the hospital yesterday....And if I know her, she is telling her story to anyone who will listen..and to a few that don't want to listen.
I'm sure that if Docress makes it Saturday night to VRC, she will worship like it's nobodies business. Who could blame her. After all...........God is still in the healing business.

God on you...



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