Thursday, October 13, 2016

"You Made It Pete....You Made it!"

Some of you may recognize this picture from a posting I did here at the Greene Street Letters on August 17th. The posting centered around a man named "Pete". I was asked to come and talk with Pete about his salvation. Turned out, on that day, that Pete revealed he knew far more about Jesus, heaven, and salvation that he was given credit for.

As we sat on that front porch, Pete knew he was dying. The only problem Pete had was "Why has God not already taken me?" You see, he was in a lot of pain. Doctor's were at a loss as to Pete's condition. But Pete firmly knew his time was fast approaching.

I drove back up to see Pete on Tuesday of this week. He had been moved to a hospital bed that was located in the living room. Nurses and medicine decorated the room, as evidence of his condition. Pete was out the day of my visit, not sure if it was the medicine he was taking or not. But the man that lay in that bed was not the same man who sat on the porch with me. Frail, weak, looking nothing like himself. Isn't it funny how we, the living, judge people by the outside, while God looks to the heart? You see the real Pete was alive and well inside the body that lay in that bed. The Pete inside was simply waiting to be release from this shell we all walk around in.  I stood by his bed and prayed for the sweet release to come quickly.

I told Ina that I would be back the next day with some Cd's from Saturday night's meeting, since she has not been able to attend. She was grateful.
Yesterday, I drove back to see her and Pete.
Pete was more peaceful than the day before.
Not moaning, or struggling.
Ina and I talked. Once again I stood by the bed, silently praying for Pete.

After a while, I hugged Ina and left.

Pete died shortly after my visit.
He shook off the bonds and constraints of this life.....
And went home.
No fanfare....
No clouds parted....
No angels were seen.....but that doesn't mean they weren't there.
At that moment of death, every thing changed for Pete.

He left that broken shell to take on immortality.
He no longer needed medicine or oxygen.
As I have written so often when someone I know dies......
Pete now knows the truth of what you and I only claim to believe.

He is standing in front of Jesus....
He is worshiping the one who brought him into heaven.

He is with family and friends who had gone on before him.

How could anyone wish for Pete to come back here.
To this world....
To that bed he lay in....
To the pain and suffering that he endured until Jesus said, "Hey Pete! Come on home."

So this morning, I don't mourn the death of Pete. I celebrate the new life that has given to him, for I know at some point, I will see him again.

Psalm 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

God on you....

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