Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The God Who Can

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Step # 1
We admitted that we were powerless over our problem (drugs and alcohol) --- that our lives had become unmanageable.

Were there ever two polar opposites as Genesis 1:1 and Step #1 of the the 12 Steps? You may be thinking why put these two together? Well, these two anchor their respective places. They are the entry points into life....real life....God-live. You can't really separate them if you are desiring to move into recovery.

what's more, we have to come to a very clear understanding of these two pieces in our recovery. What is that understanding? That each contain a truth that becomes faith. That God is indeed who He claims to be, as evidenced by the demonstration of power, and that my life has been defined by the desire to pursue something that is killing and controlling me. In other words, I have no power while God has all power.

Both these pieces to our recovery form the anchor in which I can move forward to receive this new life. A new life that is defined by a changed heart, a renewed mind, and a clear direction of where I am headed. Such a move does not include anything from my past. In other words, you do not take this Higher Power we call Jesus and fit him into your life. You turn your life over to His care. The very idea that you are still trying to run the show reveals how much you need to turn loose. In spite of all the destruction. In spite of all the failed relationships. In spite of all the guilt and shame, something inside you tells you that you need to be in control...some how...some way you do not need to surrender "ALL" your control to this God. This thing that seeks to move you into a bad choice is referred to as your "SIN-NATURE"....or "THE FLESH". It's the stinky part that we all inherited from those two in the garden of Eden who decided to disobey God and eat the fruit. Notice I said "THE" fruit and not "SOME" fruit. Once eaten, the two became separated from God. The Bible says that they became "Self-conscious". In other words, they suddenly realized they were naked. Scripture says that when they became self conscious they sewed fig leafs together to cover themselves. In other words, they each looked to the their own needs. Adam:"Hey can you help me here. I'm not to good with this sewing thing." Eve: Sorry, I've got my own fig-leaf-suit to make." Created a rift between the two of them that probably carried through till their death. 

Genesis 1:1 is only ten words...
Yet those ten words are held together by two very simple words...."GOD CREATED". When you look at the extent of His power to bring forth from nothing everything we see, touch, taste, hear and smell...that's an incredible statement of power. And we may truly believe that God has the power to do so. Yet at the same time, we limit ourselves when we deny that His power can change us. Lead us into a Genesis 1:1 moment where we are recreated by placing ourselves under such power. Well, I've seen what I can do...I've run around trying to control and direct everything, only to watch it go over the edge into the ditch. Even with life in a ditch, I've declared that "I've got this...I can do this". I can't. 

I need a Genesis 1:1 God to come and take my weakness and fill it up with His power.
God on you....

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