Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote Today

Romans 12:21- 13:1
Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.
Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in position of authority have been placed there by God.

This blog has never been about politics.
Never will be.
And I don't consider today's posting to have broken that view that I hold to.

I know that it is election day, and we all have the right to exercise our privilege to vote, and we should do this.
No matter who you vote for today, by tomorrow morning a new person will be preparing to move into the office of president.
One side will declare victory.....
One side will live with the reality that they and their candidate lost.
But to me the sad fact is...........we all have lost.

We have lost the idea of civility....
Showing respect for one another.
When did we become so angry and bitter?
The American way now is to out-shout those who you disagree with.
To slander and defame the name and character of those who believe different than you.

I have watched as this election didn't just turn nasty, it has become an instrument through which the vilest of profanity and excused behavior poured out over our country.

There are some who claim to be followers of Christ who have announced that both candidates do not fit the bill of who should be in the White House, so they are not going to vote. Really? Maybe your check list of who should be president is a standard that no one could meet. Have you considered that maybe we should be on our knees asking God to show us who we should vote for. Casting aside the tsunami of information that overwhelms us by the news networks, we truly should be storming the gates of heaven with our prayers.
My take is either those verses from Romans 12/13 are true............or they're not.

I may not agree with the present President and his views of what is best for our nation.
I may not agree with either candidate and what their vision for our nation is.
But it seems to me I'd better be spending a great deal of time praying for all our leaders....past, present.....AND FUTURE....that God would reveal Himself to them, that they might see the truth and carry it out. You may be thinking that such is a pipe dream....one that is lifted up by fools and fairy tales. I believe it is the mandate from heaven, pray for our leaders. 

No matter who wins the election, the call of Christ has not changed for those who claim to follow Him. It's time we quit playing at church and become the church. It's time we quit skimming over verses simply to say that we read our Bible. Instead we need to feast on, devour, and digest this word that has been given to us. You cannot separate the word of God from the life of our country. To do so would make us no better than those who worked to take prayer from school.....
More than simply read His word....
We must live it...
We must live it in the sight of those we disagree with...
We must live it in the sight of those who hate us....
We must live such a life in humility and love toward those who even want to see any influence of God in this country totally removed.

I will close for now...
I pray that what I have written this day be clear to you...

And that you find comfort that no matter how the election turns out today.....
The church has work to do for the Kingdom in our nation.
All to the glory of God.

God on you....


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