Friday, December 2, 2016

Step # 12 - Having had a spiritual awakening, we try to carry the message of Christ's grace and restoration power to others who are chemically dependent and to practice these principals in every aspect of our lives.

I Thessalonians 2:12 - So that you may walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into His own Kingdom and glory.

Thought: God continues to transform my life as I walk in His principals.

Step # 12 is the "give away" step.
By sharing our message and being there for others who are trapped in addiction, we are unknowingly helping our own recovery and sobriety. It is the Spirit of God inside that we are learning to listen to and follow in our every day decision making. Not relying on our own wisdom or understanding. We now have a clearly defined set of live giving boundaries in which to live and work and play. The 12 steps are these boundaries that we find a spacious, good life in.

Practicing the 12 steps means incorporating the principals into our thoughts and behaviors every day. It means admitting our powerlessness in difficult situations. It means believing and trusting God to take care of the things that we cannot. It means turning our situations and ourselves over to Him, and it means continuing to take our inventories, make our amends and deepen our relationship with God.

Just today....
I will trust you, God.
I will trust you with my life, both here and in eternity.
I will trust you with my family.
I will trust you that you will in fact guide me and give me insight and wisdom through your direction to make not just good choices today, but godly choices.
I thank you for this 24-hour period you have given to me today as a present.
I pray that I spend the 24 hours wisely and not squander them away on my own selfishness.
I look to you to reveal the "real" me in every situation.
That I may put aside any wrong or sin that you show me, through repentance and confession.
You are God...
I am not...
Help to remember my place in this relationship.
I bless you and thank you for another day of sobriety and for allowing me to participate in Your Kingdom rule here on earth, in my town and in my home.
I thank you for the physical, tangible Word that you have given to us and that you have given me a hunger to not just read it, but to study it.
Help me, Lord, to give away through the telling of my story to others.
In Jesus name...

God on you.....

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