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Friday, January 20, 2017

Even The Wind And The Waves Obey Him

Luke 8:25
But He (Jesus) said to them, "Where is your faith?" And they were afraid, and marveled, saying to one another, "Who can this be? For He commands even the winds and water, and they obey Him!"

Jesus and His disciples are crossing the sea of Galilee.
Storms come up.
Boat is tossed about, filling with water.
These are experienced fishermen, they've been on this water before. They fully know and understand when danger and death are eminent. When things look the darkest, they turn to Jesus, who was asleep in the front of the boat. Asleep? Yep...asleep. Seems this here Jesus knows something they don't. 

Eventually, overcome with fear, they wake Jesus up. What does He do? Steands up and rebukes the and the raging sea. Scripture says that "They ceased, and there was calm." End of story, right? No.

Why do we doubt such things could happen today? Or do we doubt? Do we really believe that God still moves, even in the elements. That they are subject to His commands, used for His purposes? 

Well, I came across a video while listening to teaching the other day. It is a video that was taken by Israeli soldiers at the border of with Syria. It seems that Isis fighters were attempting to cross the border into Israel. As the fighters approached the Israeli border, a dust cloud came up out of nowhere. Not unusual for this terrain. What was unusual, was that it stopped at the border. It covered the Isis fighters and prevented them from entering Israeli territory to carry out their mission. Would God do such a thing? I think maybe yes He would. 

I think God still looks at Israel with great favor. The church can say what they want to, but Israel is still God's people. In fact, the reason we Gentiles were even given access to the Father was to make Israel jealous (Romans 11). 
SO God does move in the natural world we see around us.

Oh yeah, one last thing.
This event took place on December 23 of last year.
Three days later the U.N. Security council voted to declare that Israel had no legal right to have settlements in Eastern Jerusalem, thereby declaring such territory to be free of Israeli rule. Could it be.....could it possibly be that God declared to those in the U.N. to not proceed with this vote? That He still has His hand on this nation, and that anyone who attempted to come against them would understand exactly who He is. I've included this video so you could see for yourselves. Was it God, or was it just a coincidence that this happened at this place, at the time it did just before a vote by the U.N. to undo Israeli territory.

God on you....

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