Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prayer Needs

Good morning....
Once again, late night / early morning. If my train of thought seems to have gone off the rails, forgive me.
Lots of prayer needs this morning, so let's get to it.

Yesterday's Bible study at Rapha was a good one.
We had six join in for the study, including one new guy who stated that he'd had enough of the old life. We'll see if his words are backed by a real desire. Isn't that the way it is when it comes to recovery? You hear the same old lines, but the truth is always revealed by the actions of the heart. I digress.

Most immediate need is for focus. Pray that God would remove the fog from the minds of these men. Minds that have been lost in the haze of addiction. Minds that have been lost in the haze of their old sin nature. Choices that they made were done so because of their flesh (driven by the desire to sin). Choices made because of the effects the drugs and alcohol have had on their brains. So the need to be able to focus on the task at hand (recovery) is a much needed thing. I kept reminding them that focus is just for today...not tomorrow or the next week, or month. The need is on today, to take care of what needs taking care of.

There are a lot of families out there hurting because of addiction.
Marriages that can never truly be what God intended them to be because of this darkness that fills the homes. Pray that there would be a great uncovering in these matters. Uncovering of the ones who have broken covenant with their spouse, to love another more. The one they have fallen in love with causes them to lie about this demonic relationship. Where there are lies in a relationship, true love can never exist. Always, always remember that our prayer to uncover should always be connected with God having mercy on everyone involved. 

Some of these I've written about have lost loved ones recently. Families are struggling with the loss. Some are blaming themselves, thinking that they could have done more,or something different to have saved the one they lost to death. Pray for God's Spirit to come to them and comfort and lead them through this time of grief.

Never ever forget that addiction is almost like a living organism, and it will fight to retain control over an individual's life. The workbook at Rapha use to say that "addiction was cunning, baffling, and powerful. I use to add one more to that list.....addiction is patient. It will wait for you, and if we move at any point in our recovery process toward that old life, old thoughts and old ways, it will pounce to reclaim you for its purposes.

If you could, join me in praying for these needs....
I mean really pray. are the best.

God on you..


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