Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tender Moment @ VRC

I Corinthians 3:23
And you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.

What a night at VRC.....
Last night was a keeper....
The picture above kind of sums it all up.
Baby dedication....
Little Zoe Michelle Wood, all of 15 days old was brought to be dedicated to God.
It wasn't an infant baptism, but more of a ceremony where the parents agree to raise her in the ways and teaching of God.
Very tender time.
I never tire of such things as this happening in our midst.

Here in the middle of all the death and destruction that addiction seems to thrive on, we have a new life brought into our midst.
A new life that hasn't been scarred by the hands of this world.
A new life that hasn't been touched by the madness and pain of addiction.
Here was Asa and Sarah, the parents who have made the turn from such darkness, and now are dedicating their daughter that she should be taught the love and hope that they have found in Christ.
Now that's some good stuff.....

What was wonderful about this simple act, was the look on the faces of those present. This incredible look that they were being included in this act of hope and understanding that these parents had found God, and now they were going to raise this new born girl in the right way.
Yeah buddy, last night was payday for me.

We celebrate any moment that will lift us up into a greater understanding of who God is, and what His purpose is for our lives.
We celebrate with hearts of thankfulness and gratitude each time we gather on Saturday night, that we made it another week.
I look forward to the day when there will not be a need for Vineyard ReCovery.
There won't be a need because addiction will no longer exist.
You may call me a dreamer, but there will come a day when such is not needed.
Read the book, you'll see.
But for now, we will come together every Saturday night and celebrate the person and presence of God in our midst.
We will dedicated our newborn's.
We will worship and sing to God with hearts of gratitude for how He is changing us.
We will listen to His word as it is proclaimed and pronounced in our midst.
We will learn to love each other as God loves us.
We will continue to seek Him for a healing touch in our lives and in our hearts.
Then we will leave and share our story with people we meet.
That is why we meet on Saturday nights.....
And it is good.

God on you...

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