Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Way To Go Libby!!!

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Number our days?
That is a huge thing in A.A....this numbering of days.
Each day is a celebration along the way to sustaining this new life we have committed ourselves to.

Days have a way of turning into weeks....cause for celebration.
Weeks have a way of rolling into months.....cause for celebration.
And months have a way of moving into years....Now that is a cause for real celebration.

Every Wednesday morning, I have a breakfast appointment with Barry Hooks and Wayne Wimpee. We meet at the Waffle House across from the Gadsden Mall, and it has turned into a time for us to share our struggles, our hopes and our failures...a time to "Confess to one another". Been doing this for a while. Over the course of time, we got to know our waitress, Libby. This happens when you share some of your story about what God is doing and has done for you.

Well like I said, over the course of time, we gotten to know Miss Libby, as she has shared her story with us. She is a recovering alcoholic and this week, she celebrates her 10th year of sobriety. That is a big deal! So Barry, Wayne, and your's truly are going to present Miss Libby with her Ten Year Chip this morning.

These are the times when you understand the gift that sobriety brings to an individual. It I had not shared this story with you this morning, you probably would never have recognized that this woman has applied the discipline of the Steps to her personal struggle, and has put together ten years of defeating that which sought to kill her. I sure if you talked with Libby she would tell of times where she wanted to go back to her old ways....but for whatever reason, she didn't. She didn't do what she wanted to do...what her mind and body said to do...For once she did what she ought to do. And now, ten years latter, she continues to reap the benefits of the life she is experiencing. That is cause to celebrate.

So if sometimes today, Libby's name pops into your head, throw up a prayer for her. Pray that she would draw closer to God. Pray that she would continue on this journey that God has given to her. Pray blessings on Libby today. Pray that there will be an 11th year to celebrate.

God on you....

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