Monday, February 27, 2017

Recap: To Be Capped Again

Psalm 27:4
The one thing I ask of the Lord....the thing I seek to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord's perfections and meditating in his temple....

Monday morning....4:07 a.m.
The events of this past weekend are still fresh in my mind. Nothing I did to create these memories. God was he author and creator. I merely got to be in His presence.

Friday night:
The core family of Vineyard ReCovery met for our home meeting. A time of getting to know one another. Share some laughter and coffee. An opportunity to build solid relationships with one another. Even though we care coming up on the fourth anniversary of VRC, we are still getting to know one another. 

Friday night was about honesty and transparency. We didn't teach on it, or try to whip it up in our meeting. It was a by product of simply worshiping and being in God's presence. WE did speak about the simple fact of growing complacent and satisfied when it comes to our relationship with God. The danger of not moving forward spiritually, and lapsing into religious attitudes and mindsets. Out of this conversation came the honesty and a corporate need to be stirred by God once again. TO have Him come and blow over us with fresh wind and fire of His Spirit. As it says in Revelation 2:4 we needed reminding of our first love....Jesus. 

There was much healing in the room as we worshiped and allowed God to move over and in us. I know it sounds like "Twilight Zone/Star Trek" kind of mumbo-jumbo,if you've never experienced the Holy Spirit. But believe me, God brought it Friday night. In fact, I would go as far to say that Friday night kind of set up what took place Saturday night @ Vineyard ReCovery.

Saturday night:
There was a sense of anticipation in me as I drove to the building to prepare for the evening. This was not going to be a typical VRC meeting. The Paint Chip Worship band was going to lead the worship this night, so the music was going to be a tad different. Greg Birdwell was scheduled to speak, so I knew the message was going to be spot-on for the meeting. Top that with the simple fact that Greg is kind of a lightning rod for God to jump to. Greg is so transparent and honest that I knew what he had to say was going to impact those of us present. God did not disappoint, and Greg was totally Greg. 

To throw gas on the fire, my wife had a prophetic word about an increase in God's mercy...not to excuse us from our sin...but to empower us to run and get under the rain of His mercy. To receive a cleansing from all the hidden "Stuff" we think we hide from everyone around us and from God.

The worship set finished, and the message delivered, folk's streamed to the front to confess, receive from God and be healed of whatever needed healing. Here again, I can't explain the "how's" or the "Why's" I just know that God moved on that crowd that gathered at the front of the room. Tears of joy from those who did receive. Whispered prayers of "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" moved through the crowd. 

As the room emptied and people streamed back out into the night, I knew that (1) We'd been in the presence of a Holy God. And (2) we all have been touched by Him. Now how this "touch" is manifested, and the change that is brought to our lives is up to God. But as a friend of mine has told me more than once...."God has good seed, and when he plants in us, it will produce a harvest down the road." So I'm waiting in anticipation to see the fruit of the harvest in the lives of those who come on Saturday night.

Sunday Morning:
Made my way to Northside Baptist Church where I have been filling in since December of last year. Small congregation that loves God and each other. The messages God has given me for them are ones of not be satisfied where they are spiritually in their relationship with Jesus. They fully know that I am not the answer to the vacancy and need for a pastor. I know that they are seeking God for direction in who should fill that role. But in the mean time, while I am going each Sunday, it has been good for me to make sure that I take the message God wants them to hear. There is a freshness to the services as every thing is beyond informal. These incredible folks not only believe in the power of prayer...they practice it. Each Sunday a list of names is read, each one having a specific need. Updates are given....prayers are offered. But it just doesn't stop with this prayer on Sunday morning. I know, that I know these folks are busy being about the Kingdom business through the week of praying for this list of names. Who would not want to be a part of a family like this? 

It truly is, and has been, my pleasure to have been asked to fill in during this time of transition at Northside.

Well, there you have my weekend.
Now here it is Monday morning, and out there is a whole other week waiting for you and me to launch out. What do you say? Let's see what over the hill.....let's check out what's around the bend. Let's be the body of Christ and meet each day head on for Him.

God on you...


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