Monday, February 6, 2017

Taking A Look In A Different Kind Of Mirror

I thought I might take a journey in the Way-Back Machine, taking a look at journal entries that I have made over the years.
I am currently posting on journal entries that I have made over the years.
I started keeping a journal in July of 1991.
Strange as it is, it is sometimes disconcerting to look back at where I was and the things I struggled with. Some seem childish now and I wonder at the lack of commitment I had in following Jesus. But the entries are who I was at that moment in time.

How much of what I perceive as me chasing God-------is in reality, only a half-hearted attempt. That my heart is never fully engaged in this pursuit of His presence, His purity, His power and above all, His purpose for me and my life?
I fear that my love for Jesus is shallow and subject to the ebbs and flows of my flesh. God, strengthen me, every part of me and let me not cower from what lies with in me. That by your strength and your Holy Spirit illuminating me, every part of me, I will not cower from what lies within me. I simply acknowledge it and say "yes Lord, Forgive me, cleanse me and empower me for your purpose.
I need your grace to pry my fingers from all that is detestable in your eyes. Let your transformation change what I hold to have value. Show me eternity in everything I see, touch, taste, smell and hear. Let me see the eternal behind all my motives that I may walk in your ways.

Thought: 2/24/09
Some may read my entry and wonder at the things I struggle with. I feel that the more honest I can be in my daily walk, the better I am to acknowledge the help I need and therefore, receive it. I see people who walk around as if they have no struggles. No attitudes that are contrary to God's will. No behavior's that are not in live with the word of God. I do not believe we ever reach a point on this side of heaven, where we do not have struggles. That is why I desire to be as transparent as I can so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit. If something is uncovered in my heart then I want to acknowledge it and ask God's help to be applied.
God on you.......

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