Thursday, March 2, 2017

Road Map Out Of Darkness

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

Desperate people receive it.....
Surrendered people take it in....
People who are trapped are more likely to see it more clearly than others...
What is this I write of this morning?

This statement that Jesus made is, to me, the ultimate declaration spoken to all of us.
Jesus is THE way....
Not A way....or some way.....or one of many way's.
He is it.
You can rail against such statements.
You can protest the unfairness and bigotry of Jesus' claim....
But in the end, the truth still stands as the truth.
Receive it, or reject's there for all of us.

Jesus goes on to say that He is THE truth. You can't have multiple versions of truth. Our society believes you can. We have discarded the absolute truth of God to embrace the ever-shifting, ever-changing truth of dark hearts. What is the ultimate truth? What truth is it that we all need to see?
The truth about ourselves. The unwavering truth that I am a lost soul without this Jesus. That I may have a semblance of happiness on this side of heaven, but when death reaches out for me, THE TRUTH, and what I've done with it will determine my destiny after I die. I am either eternally linked to Jesus, or I am cast adrift in hell. Not something we should be playing with...this truth.

Jesus closes His statement by saying, "I am the life".
What is life? A gift given to each of us by God. I didn't ask to born, but God allowed it. He gave me life. Funny part is that most folks don't really live.........they simply exist. They breathe....they take up space here on planet earth....some are seen as being good people....some are labeled as bad. They die, and they never really achieve the reason for their birth. To KNOW God. Not in some sort of mental exercise, but in a living, breathing, changing, growing relationship with the very One who gave us breath.

Jesus, it this simple statement from John 14, gave us the blueprint for someone who is trapped in addiction. He is the answer to every "Why" you've ever asked.
He is the POWER greater than ourselves who can restore us to sanity.
He stands as the only way to real life.
But even with all I've written this morning...You have to decide for yourself.
Is this TRUE....
Or Is it not.

Don't turn away from the One who can lead you out of this terrible darkness of addiction.
Remember this...
You don't have a drug and alcohol problem...
You've got a "Living" problem.
You're existing in a broken relationship with Jesus. He is offering you the gift of being resurrected from this addictive madness.
Think on this today....

God on you....

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