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Friday, March 17, 2017

Moon Pies And The Compassion's Of God

There are some things in life that are so simple yet so enjoyable.
Some of these treats have slipped from our memory as we have gotten older.
A fresh Moon Pie is one of them.
Nothing worse than biting into one that is stale.
You plunge your teeth deep into that pie and your throat says, "Wait a minute!"
The chocolate covering taste old and has a bitterness to it.
The graham cracker crust has the consistency of cardboard, and the
marshmallow center is something akin to roofing tar.
A stale Moon Pie can send your world into a tale spin if you let it.
But you get a hold of a fresh one and it is heaven in a circle.
Why it'd make you want to run around the room an slap your momma.
That's some good eating...them thar' Moon Pies.
Use to buy Moon Pies for a nickle back in 19---well, never mind.
Thing was, when you bought it, you knew that it was going to be good.

What else do I like when it's fresh?
Butterfinger candy bars....
There is nothing like biting into a fresh one...the peanut butter center is flaky and just melts in your mouth.
Fresh is good.
Fresh is good when it comes to food.
So why do we not think about the freshness of God?
Why do we move about day after day never asking God for a
fresh touch of His presence?
Lamentations 3:22-23 speaks of God's compassion being made new every morning.
That means every morning we arise, there waiting for us to partake of is the compassion of God.

I need a fresh awareness in my Spirit of God each day. I need to shake off the "yesterday" with all it's problems and troubles, triumphs and failures, so I can put on "today"
Each day brings a freshness to it as we arise, that no matter what happened yesterday....
no matter how good or how bad yesterday was.....
God is fresh this morning and waiting for me to follow.
Good stuff!
Grab a Moon Pie and a 2nd cup of coffee and find God today.
God on you....

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