Thursday, April 13, 2017

Something Empty Gave Us Life

The Tomb of Jesus......
Easter coming up this weekend will provoke a lot of music and drama and other such stuff in an effort to pay homage to "the tomb".
It's not so much the tomb as it is what took place inside the tomb.

Once dead. Stone cold dead. Three days dead, now alive.
2nd Adam made right all that the first Adam had messed up.
Power of sin was broken.
Penalty for sin was paid.
Presence of sin was dealt with.
Jesus the Christ....

Because of Him....
I can approach Father God.
Father God can look upon me.
I have become a vessel for His Holy Spirit.
I have been pulled into a 4 way conversation (prayer).
I have been given rights and blessings that come with obeying my Father.

This Sunday, a lot of attention will be on the tomb, just as this Friday focus will be on the cross.
Maybe we should be thankful for these two, but instead, focus on the call God has given to each of us to be a "holy nation...a royal priesthood serving God."
Go beyond baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and start taking up the truth of "making disciples."

It is our call to "spiritual" reproduction. We teach what we have been taught ( Kind of makes it hard if you haven't been taught or you didn't pay attention). No where do I read that we are to watch others make disciples. Some things in the Kingdom of God are not optional.
I am grateful for the tomb....
My life is Jesus'.
I am grateful for the cross....
My life is Jesus'.

In Him, I find mercy in times when I need it most.
In Him, I find grace....a power...grace....a force....grace. More than unmerited favor...
Grace is....
God's empowering presence in my life that enables me to be who God created me to be and do what God has called me to do.......that, my friend, is grace.

So this weekend....celebrate Easter.
Wake up Easter morning and let the first thought in your mind be, "HE IS RISEN!" and then spend the day contemplating what this means to you. How does Jesus' resurrection truly translate into your day to day life.
Truth be known, the resurrection is so central to who we are as believers, that every day is Easter.
Everyday should be a "HE IS RISEN" day.

God on you..........


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