Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Living Stones

The church of the Living God is not a structure (we know that).
It isn't a building (we know that)...
The church of the Living God isn't a denomination (we should know that).
It is a structure of stones....placed one by one...each touching the stone that is on either side....each touching the stones that are above it and below it, as they are placed in their proper order. We are those living stones.

I Peter 2:5
And you are living stones that God is building into His spiritual temple.

We are connected to each other in this building that God is erecting. We may not have thought of church in this manner. What we call "church" today is a structure that seeks to find life....
The church of the Living God is life that seeks to find structure....
There are stones that make up this church that God is building that are from ages past. Stones that have weathered storm and assault by outside forces. They show the signs of the struggle, but they hold firm because they have been through the fire.

There are stones that are from our own past. Stones that gave us life and showed us the way to real truth. Stones that made a place for us to occupy, and kept us safe until we were strong and ready to take our rightful place in this church. To these stones we should give honor an respect.

And if we look closely at the structure, we'll see that there are places yet to be filled. Such are for the stones yet to be placed. Who will be found in such places because we did the Kingdom work? Who will be included in this vast structure of living stone because we spent time on our faces before our Father, crying out for their salvation? Our mission is to tell these stones who have yet to be placed in His church,  the wonderful news that they no longer have to be a slave to sin.

This church made up of living stones is not bound by man-made theology. It derives its life and breath from the work of the Holy Spirit, which is the mortar that binds each stone to one another. Take away the mortar and the building collapses. These living stones are more focused on serving than receiving, for they know and trust God that He will meet their needs. 

The church of living stones is not easily swayed by emotion, feelings, or the latest religious fad. They are firmly in the hands of their Father, and they look only to Him for guidance and direction. These stones do not pass on the Kingdom Call to others, but seek to find their own call in Christ. Once found and realized, these living stones expend themselves in carrying out the Kingdom will of God here on earth (Matthew 6:10).

Adam Clarke explained how God's work in building His Church gives credence to who He is, and what He has promised He would do. We should praise God for His glorious Church.
There is nothing as noble as the Church, seeing that it is the temple of God.

There is nothing so worthy of reverence, seeing God that dwells in it.

There is nothing so ancient since the patriarchs and prophets worked to build it.

There is nothing so solid, since Jesus Christ is the foundation of it.

There is nothing so high, since it reaches as high as to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

There is nothing so perfect and well proportioned, since the Holy Spirit is the architect.

There is nothing more beautiful, because it is adorned with building stones of every age, every place, every people; from the highest kings to the lowest peasants; with the most brilliant scientists and the simplest believers.

There is nothing more spacious, since it is spread over the whole earth, and takes in all who have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

There is nothing so Divine, since it is a living building, animated and inhabited by the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 16:16 
.......Upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.

God on you....

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