Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Last night was one of those rare nights that you get to enjoy as a pastor. I don't mean that to sound like everything is drudgery or a chore, but rather in all the duties you are called to, you get to experience a moment in time where you know God's hand has been at work.

Such was the marriage of Jeremiah and Carrie Smith. From start to finish, I knew that the Father's good pleasure rested upon this event. These two, Jeremiah and Carrie, have been friends for a while, and even though they would not have admitted it openly, I think they both knew that everything was leading to this point. What a beautiful bride Carrie was, coming down that isle to meet her husband to be. For a brief moment, as I stood there, I had a fleeting thought of what it will be like when Jesus comes to claim His bride. I pray that she will be beautiful and accepting of the union with her husband.

The cool part in this whole she-bang was to be able to perform this wedding with two friends and brothers in Christ. Seth Barber and Todd Bagley. All three of us are involved in recovery, as are Jeremiah and Carrie. So the three of us were honored to be asked to perform the wedding.

Jeremiah and Carrie have sought after, and followed God's leading through out the entire time they have been together. To say there were rough spots along the way would be understating the situation. But isn't that the way all relationships go? You have to navigate life as you get to know each other. There are arguments and differences but you let love rule the day. You let your own will and pride be laid aside to take up the Father's mantle of peace. That has been the beautiful part of watching these two get to know each other and move forward in life. And now they have taken the ultimate step. The two have become one in the sight of God. It was my good pleasure to be there, take part in the ceremony, and send these two off on their honeymoon.

May they continue to let God reign in their marriage as they find their proper roles in this relationship.
God's blessing rest upon them....

and, as always......
God on you.....

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