Wednesday, May 10, 2017

There Is Stuff To Do

John Wimber....Pastor/ teacher / follower of Jesus.
If you asked John who he was, he would reply, "I'm just an old fat man trying to get to heaven."
John had ample parts of humanness in him.
John had a heart that broke when the humanness (sin nature) would rear it's ugly head.

He was just crazy enough to believe that Jesus was who He said He was...
and that the works that Jesus did are still available to all who want to partake in God's Kingdom.
John called the natural act of moving and ministering in the Kingdom of God...."DOING THE STUFF."
He had those who  encouraged--- John had his detractors.
As with anyone who has a call on their life, there are voices that would accuse and criticize.
John knew that this was part of the call.
He never grew beyond repentance or thought himself to be above saying, "I messed up, forgive me Lord."

I have never heard anyone speak the truth of God and the Kingdom like John Wimber.
It was natural and without hype.
John's heart was that everyone who is saved is called to do the works of Jesus.
Pray for the sick.
Cast out demons..
Visit the sick
Feed the poor
Visit those in jail.
And yes....
even raise the dead.

From time to time someone will ask me where I went to Seminary for my training.
          I always laugh and say, "The Full Gospel Closet."
During my time at Gadsden Vineyard, I had the incredible opportunity to spend 8 years going through a closet full of teaching and instruction by John Wimber and those close to him.
It formed my view of the Kingdom of God, which I believe is the central message that Jesus taught.
I saw that the Kingdom was here but not complete 
Mark 1:15 -- The Kingdom ( or rule and reign of God) is near
Matthew 12:28 -  The Kingdom is among us.
Luke 17:21 - Kingdom of God is already here.
We are aware of God's rule and reign in our lives and the dynamics of God at work around us, but we also realize that the work has not been completed.

Probably the greatest single most powerful prayer a believer could pray is found in Matthew 6:10
"May Your Kingdom rule and reign come soon -- May Your Kingdom will be done on earth as it is being done in heaven."
It all comes down to us, as believers and followers of Jesus, allowing the Kingdom of God to be expressed in our midst (our daily lives).
Where the Kingdom is being expressed (or manifested)
1.) People are delivered-- saved and/ or healed from the many expressions of sin
2.) God demonstrates His power over nature due to satanic interference
3.) The Power of God is manifested.

My prayer is that we see an increase of the Kingdom of God in this age.
That God would assert His power and authority over the evil one (devil) and the deeds or works that define and reveal lives that are trapped in sin and bondage.

Galatians 1:4 reads: Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, on order to rescue us from (or out of) this (present) evil world (age) in which we live.
With the coming of Jesus, the future age has come into this present time and space. The Kingdom of God has been fulfilled but not consummated.
We will see the consummation when Jesus takes His bride (the church).
The New Testament was written from the view that God's Kingdom had interrupted human history. It had invaded our time and space, declaring war on the works of Satan.
Where God's will is being expressed, there the Kingdom is......
Where God's Kingdom is being expressed, there we find healing.

Please do not misinterpret my love and affection for John Wimber as if I am placing him on a pedestal to worship -- I'm not.
                          I am merely grateful for such a man as John and the teachings he poured his life into.
I am a disciple of Christ...
     Christ taught me through John Wimber.
What I teach others is from the Word of God
but it rings with the accent and love of John Wimber....

So what really burns on my heart?
Making disciples....
Strip away the religious connotations of what "making disciples"
looks like, or even sounds like...
I want to give away everything I've learned and experienced so that
others can hear God on their own,
and have a heart to go chase Him.

Thanks for letting me ramble this morning.
God on you...

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