Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Splashing-over Kind Of Life

Quote from Francis A. Schaeffer:
"The important thing after being born spiritually is to live."

John 10:10- .....I have come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Been doing a lot of reading and have come to the conclusion that we aren't real certain about how all this "life" and "Living" stuff is suppose to play out. It's kind of like the weather. Everyone talks about it but no one does anything. Well, maybe that was a bad analogy.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that we want to boil the essence of "living in Christ" down to a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Now don't get me wrong about what I'm writing. Let me make this perfectly clear (using my best Nixon impression)..there is only one way to the Father, and that way has a name, and that name is Jesus.

Yes, Jesus died for all mankind...but as diverse as mankind is, each of us must answer the call to follow. That call is played out in our daily lives, and the last time I checked, each of us have different things we face, confront, must do, and take care of each day. So would it not stand to reason that Jesus, through the work of the Holy Spirit is in the middle, guiding us and showing us what we must do to simply make it through the day.

You see, I don't believe that you can boil life down to a method. Like I wrote earlier, one-size-fits-all. Once again, I turn to a quote from Francis Schaeffer: "Often after a person is born again, and asks,"What shall I do next? They are given a list of things, usually of a limited nature, and primarily negative (In other words, a list of "don't. So in their mind, the idea of if I do not do this series of things...then I will be spiritual."

You may be thinking of the Twelve Steps....I would not blame you.
But the Steps are not a series of things that you don't need to do (or negative steps)...they are quite the opposite. They are a starting point from which you launch out in a direction that takes you away from the darkness of your past, and point you to a future.

God is all up into bringing order to our lives. In fact, if you read Genesis chapter 1 you'll see Him do exactly that. The earth was formless, void, and darkness was the rule of the day. So what does God do? Steps in.....grabs hold of all the chaos...and one by one speaks order and arranges it for a greater good and purpose. He does the same thing with our lives. Addiction (sin) has created chaos. It has dictated to us that we are formless (or without purpose). It has emptied us out of any hopes, dreams or aspirations. And needless to point out that a life lived in addiction, is a life lived in spiritual darkness. We weren't really living....we were existing.

God steps in with His offer and gift of salvation. We turn will and life over to His care, and for the first time we begin to experience life........real life...........abundant life. Not so much abundance that is measured in material possessions as it is a life measured by the intangible qualities. A life of peace.......a life now with the capability to love and be loved......a life of joy that goes beyond your mind and reason. Abundant!

Think on these things...

God on you...

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