Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prayer Request Tuesday

James 5:16
.....The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

I had a really good day at Rapha yesterday. I have found that if I simply walk around the camp, someone will come up and want to talk. It may be a simple conversation with not much depth to the subject. Or it is a time of confession and honesty about where they are in their recovery. No matter which one it is, trust is being built and the Spirit of God is drawing things out that have been hidden for years. It's amazing how powerful confession and honesty is when it comes to recovery. One of the saying that was a part of the program was "You're only as sick as your secrets."
In other words, as you confess and break free from the things you've hidden over the years, you become healthy and able to break the hold addiction has over your life.

As always, I take prayer request when I'm out at Rapha, so here are the ones from yesterday.

1.) Prayer for clarity and purpose: This man is struggling with being able to focus and understand what it is he is to do,as far as his recovery goes. He does not have that much clean time, so he's still kind of foggy in his thinking. I assured him that we would pray for the Holy Spirit to come and aid him as his mind clears. At this point, the man seemed to be honest about his desire to move beyond his addiction.

2.) Prayer for health concerns: circulatory problems / back problems / This man confessed that he'd not taken care of himself like he should have. He was hesitant to ask prayer for healing, but I assured him that God was still in the healing business. In spite of his health issues, this man still has a good attitude and outlook on life.

3.) Prayer for acceptance: This was a request for God to grant him a heart and mind to accept whatever the future held. There are legal issues that are in this mans future, and he has come to the place where he is willing to say "Whatever you want for me, God, I'll be o.k. with." He confessed that there is still a part of him that simply wants to run away and not have to deal with all of this. Pray that God would grant him the power to do the right thing.

4.) Prayer for a daughter to find God in her life: Like some who are going through addiction, it has taken a toll or family. A divorce has caused great pain and separation between this man and his daughter. He asked that God would bring salvation to his daughter, and healing in their relationship.

5.) Prayer for comfort and strength: This man's girlfriend's Grandfather is dying of cancer. He asked for prayer that the family would find strength and comfort during this time.

6.) There were several request for focus and strength to stay on this journey of recovery.A desire to not go back to old ways of thinking and old ways of living.

Thanks for being a part of this prayer effort.
This Saturday night, we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary of Vineyard ReCovery. Come out and join us as we share in worship, teaching and a "Sandwich Supper". Meeting starts at 7 p.m. /  Hope to see you there!

God on you....

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