Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kinship Time

Acts 2:44
And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.

We gathered together last night for our monthly kinship meeting.
A chance to connect....
A chance to minister to each other.

An opportunity to encourage each other in this journey of life.

A heart cry as we sang Kevin Prosch song "Save Us O God"......
An admission of our need for God in an ongoing way. Not a one time encounter.
As Paul wrote, "We know that our sufficiency comes from God a

and not of ourselves."

"Refiners Fire" --- A collective voice that the holiness of God would be as much a part of our lives as the simple act of breathing. That we never take for granted the call of God to follow,nor the call to separate ourselves from the world.
As a believer, we are called to the economy of heaven not the ways and dictates of this world.

"Resting Place"--- We want to become the resting place for God to inhabit. We have built for you a home, O'Lord....We give ourselves as a receptacle for His Holy Spirit.

At one point, we began to sing as the Spirit led us.
"You are good.....You are faithful....You are Lord"....
Simple truth that was repeated over and over.......

The room became very peaceful, almost to the point that we didn't want to move or stir about, but rather just sit in His presence.

Pulled out Ephesians 4.
Kind of a checklist to see how we are doing as a fellowship.

1.) What does Paul mean when he says that we are to "live a life worthy of the calling?" Because we have been called by God. 
        a.) Consensus is that the call to salvation is a blanket call for all of us. But in that salvation, God begins to equip us for different parts of ministry for the common good of the church.

2.) Paul goes on to write, "Always be humble and gentle,and that we are to be patient with each other". 
        a.) The group recognizes the call, but also collectively realizes that this is a work in progress. That it is something that each of us must strive to incorporate in our individual lives. Also the consensus was that this is an area our enemy the devil will try to exploit for his advantage.

3.) Paul sure did know how to get to the heart of relationship. He writes, "We are to make allowances for each other's faults." Really? Make allowances? Isn't it easier just to criticize someone? Of course it is, but criticism isn't God's way of dealing with each other. 
         a.) I asked "what the difference between ALLOWING and EXCUSING? This open the door up for some really good discussion.

This was our 4th meeting as a core group, and I really believe that God is doing a work among us and in us. We are getting to know one another on an even greater level, which will only strengthen us in the call to minister and serve those in addiction.

To put it another way....It was a killer evening.

Great worship.....fellowship and food.

God on you.....

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