Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Living For....Living Through

If you read yesterday's posting, you'll remember how I wrote about everything is temporary. Little did I know that such would include hot water heaters.
Our's gave up the proverbial plumbing ghost, and had to be replaced.
Fortunately for us, my wife knows everyone this side of Mars, and was able to get in touch with some plumbers who were glad to do her a favor. That's my wife....she can't go anywhere without running into someone she knows. 

My favorite story  of all time happened when she took a trip to New York City during the Christmas season. She was waiting to cross the street, when she happen to run into one of her former employers. What are the odds that such would happen in New York City? That's my Vicki. She sees people she knows ever where she goes. I have this running fear that should she and I die at the same time and arrive at the Pearly Gates.....Saint Peter will tell her..."Vicki! It's so good to see that you made it!" But then he'll look at me and ask her, "Who's this homeless fellow with you?"

I Corinthians 8:
But for us....There is One God, the Father, by whom all things were created, and for whom we live...
And there is One Lord, Jesus Christ, through who all things were created, and through whom we live.....

Isn't that an incredible verse?
We live for God....everything we do should be done with an understanding that we are pleasing to God.....
That His will becomes our will...
But life....real life comes through the person of Jesus Christ.
We live for God...
We live through Jesus.

So how does all this happen?
Through the person of the Holy Spirit who is given to each of us when we are born again....
He becomes the source of power and the compass we follow in our daily lives.

Jesus told the guys before He went back to heaven to wait for the Holy Spirit.
He sent them back to Jerusalem to wait for the promise to come to them.

Jesus told them, in Acts 1:8, that when the Holy Spirit had clothed them with power, they would become His witnesses, in an ever expanding circle of influence that would stretch through the world.

How was such possible?
The power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of those who are dedicated to following Jesus.

Power to overcome any sin/addiction.
Power to turn loose of the old life to embrace the new.
Power over the influence of sin....

Power to break the penalty of sin....
And Power to overcome the presence of sin.

I think maybe when we live for God...and we acknowledge that Jesus is our source of life, we began to move in harmony with the will and plans of God.
We are no longer straining or pulling at having our own way. We don't run around exercising our rebellious streak. Oh, don't get me wrong, we don't become docile and some sort of automaton. We simply have this moment where we truly realize that His way if better than our way. 

Well, that about wraps it up here on Greene Street.
Hope something spoke to you today in this posting.
If I haven't told you lately, God loves you....and so do I!

Go out and make it a good day.

God on you...


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