Monday, September 26, 2016

God Is Good

Romans 10:9-10
If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and belive that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.

Busy weekend....
Good weekend.....
Saw God in action in the hearts of people (including my own).

Friday Night:
Home group for VRC met for our monthly get together. A time to take a look at where we think God is leading us......share some food together....and worship.
During our table-talk, it was brought up that we were going to have 4 visitors to VRC on Saturday night....first timers. They were coming as part of a group that is in treatment for addiction. Someone brought up that fact that we needed to pray for these men, that God would work in their hearts. That they would be open to hearing the worship and the message. We prayed. Prayers that God would truly speak to the hearts of theses four and reveal their need for Him.

Saturday Night:
Lot's of spiritual warfare, as the enemy tried his best to derail the meeting.
Microphones that would not work. Guitars that messed up and would not function in the way they were designed to. A bundle of little things were thrown at us to take our attention off of our purpose of being there. Thanks to God, we pushed on and did not give in to the distractions.

In spite of all the complications and distractions, worship was strong. Each week, those who come to VRC go out a little farther in their worship to God.  That is our goal when we come together.....teach on what true worship is all about, then together as a group, exercise our gift and love in worshiping God.

Message was from Acts 9, Paul's conversion. I guess you could say "Paul's Power Encounter With the Living God". Strong enough to knock Paul to the ground. Essence of the message was "We all need a Paul experience in our life".
At the end, I began to pray for God's Spirit to come and reveal all our hearts and our need for God. I asked who'd like to receive Jesus' work of Salvation.

Men stood, moved out into the aisle and made their way to the front. Three of the four we prayed for on Friday night was in the group. Now that was special.
Four new souls came into the kingdom. As I've said in the past...when such happens, and you see someone come into relationship with Jesus...that is payday for me.

Sunday Night:
Seth Barber had asked me to speak at Catalyst Recovery, as it was their last meeting at Gadsden Vineyard before making the move to their new location out in Glencoe. As always, it is an honor to be a part of his meeting. Last night was extra special.....I also got to be a part of the worship team. It is a group that is a part of VRC that we lovingly refer to ourselves as "THE PAINT CHIP WORSHIP BAND". 

I spoke from Acts 3, the encounter of Peter and John with the cripple man at the entrance to the Temple. My opening statement was..."I have nothing for you."
No food....nothing. I have nothing for you. As the message progressed, it reached the point where I declared that what I did have, I would give freely....."In the name of Jesus, he can heal you from whatever it is you need healing for."

Once again the Spirit of God was truly present in the room.
Six stood to receive Jesus.
We had us a celebration,just like the angels in heaven.

So sitting here this morning, even after a good nights sleep, I am a bit tired.
But it is a good kind of tired, for I know that I had been in the presence of God this weekend,and more than that, I had seen his hand move, touch and work among people, bringing them to a saving knowledge of who God truly is. Like I was a good weekend.

God on you...


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