Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blind From The Past...Seeing In The Future

John 9:25
He then answered....."Whether He is a sinner, I do not know; one thing I do know, that though I WAS blind, NOW I see.

To me this sentence sums up every ounce of theology about Jesus Christ.
It takes a physical condition, blindness, and changes it for the individual to function in society.
It breaks every law or theory that could ever come from the mind of man.
It reveals the power and authority that Jesus commanded over nature and humanity.
It cannot even be explained in terms that science could understand.
But the whole event of this man, blind since birth, now seeing places all of us at a point where we have to make a decision.
Either Jesus is who He claimed to be....
Or He was a liar, lunatic.
Either Jesus could pull off what He has promised in the Word of God...
Or He is a fraud.

The simplicity of the man's statement is what grabs me.
Being interrogated by the religious police of his day, they have grilled him and his parents over what had happened.
I guess the man had had enough, trying to explain that which cannot be explained.
Finally in frustration he had reached the breaking point....
"Yo!....Come on! How can I tell you the how of what happened. All I know (here comes the great truth)...I was blind but now I see.

Did you catch the impact of what the man said?
Jesus took all of his past.....a world of blindness....
And changed his future, now the man can see.
Jesus is still in the same business today....

He takes our past....
All our destruction...
All our sin....
All our mess....
And brings healing to us, changing our future.
I don't know about you, but that is a deal to me.

When I am existing, even though some call it living, outside the will and a relationship with Jesus, I am spiritually blind. I can make good decisions because I am under the influence of my own sinful nature, plus the culture and societal pull to be conformed to their lifestyle. Such decision making is a train fixing to go off the rails. I am spiritually blind. I accept things such as relationship break-ups, jail, courts, stealing and having things stolen from me, as being normal and just the way things are.
Spiritual blindness....

But when Jesus steps in and through salvation offers you back your sight. Everything changes. Or at least the ability to change is given to you. You can now see and discern what is evil and what is good.
He has given you a spiritual sight that will aid you in your daily walk. Cool beans!
So which life do you want?
The before-blindness?
Or the after-seeing?
It rests in the choice you can make.
I think I would fall on the Jesus side.

God on you...

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