Monday, March 20, 2017

Chords And The Lord

( The following is a reprint of August 13,2015 Greene Street Letters)

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

God's word is a point of focus and attention made available to me if I will use it.
It will be the fuel for the voice of God that will speak to me and show me the way to go in my daily life. It will help me to make decisions that are not destructive to my personal recovery.

I love an E chord.
Been playing guitar for more years than I care to remember and during all this time, E is my favorite chord. Funny thing about playing an E chord is that you have so many different choices as to which chord you play next. You might slide up to an A or maybe B. There's the chance that you might get bold and go from E to G then to A. How about F#m or F#?

Life is like that when we are trying to operate with God in our life. When we are trying to be the captain of our own ship without realizing that they only thing we've ever been good at is running aground and destroying the ship. For a lot of people life is so scary...the future so uncertain that they refuse to change chords. They live their entire life stuck on an E chord. Strumming over and over and over. Doing the same thing over and over and over expecting it to be different each time.

God didn't create us to be a "one note" creation.
He created us with songs that haven't been played yet. He created us to embrace Him and allow His music to come from within so we could reflect His image. He created us to reach out and try another chord. Move from that "E" place and see the beauty of trying to follow Him in the next move.

Funny part in this journey of life and music is the simple fact of the more we try to move off our "E" chord to others, the better we get at changing chords. Our moves become smoother and the chords resonate a little clearer as we play Them. As we allow God to guide us, we become more sure of our decisions and choices, and we see that God is worthy to be trusted. 

If you look at the neck of a guitar, you'll see strings and frets. But what you don't see is the possibility of unlimited music. Every song that has ever been written can be played on the neck of that guitar. When we look at our life, we see the "strings and frets"...the pitfalls and the snares out there waiting to trap us and kill us. What we fail to see is the unlimited potential of life, when we turn will and life over to God's care.

As much as I love an "E" chord....
I'm very curious about where it can take me...
The next chord progression...
The next song that is birthed in my own journey.

Don't stay stuck in life...
Reach out for the next chord.

God on you...


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