Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Where Are The Tears?

Crying Again
by: Mark Heard

The headlines in the dailies are the horses in a race.
They lead you to believe that life and death are common place
Some believe it
and I'm crying again

I heard some good intentions, not all were second hand
But bravado and pretension will not feed a hungry man
It's been said before
and I'm crying again

Very quietly the world loses blood over night
without a fight
In the morning, the sickness will hide from the light
out of sight

Running from a world that they will never understand
The masses ride their passions with the throttle in their hands
Nobody knows
what is waiting 'round the bend.

Very quietly the world loses blood overnight
without a fight
In the morning, the sickness will hide from the light
out of sight

Now and then the criminal in my skin lets out a sigh
He'd like to think he's innocent but he cannot tell a lie
the truth is like a knife
and I'm crying again.
and I'm crying again.
and I'm crying again.

Luke 19:41 -  When He (Jesus) approached, He saw the city and wept over it.

He knew what was going to happen to Jerusalem.
He knew the pain and hurt and sorrow that would be common place like cheap wares in the market.
He wept.

Do we see that kind of burden today?
Do we see people weeping over the state of cities and towns?
Do we care enough to pray and share or are we merely playing and dancing proclaiming the goodness of God? What? We are not to proclaim His goodness? Yes! We are. But I don't believe we do such from a "Look at me if you want to see how good God is!" mentality.
I do not want to be a crier of depressing news or words....
But I do want the truth of God inside of me.
I want the truth of God no matter what.

I didn't ask for this and I do not come to you to proclaim myself to be a spiritual giant in any way.
But I have a burden.
A burden for those in addiction.
It was as if God opened my eyes and I truly saw that without Him....
Without the finished work of Jesus...
Without salvation and indwelling of God's Holy Spirit...
there was no hope....
There was no future.
What more......
I am powerless.
I can't make God do anything.
I can only pray and ask...
"God will you come and open the hearts of those who have been birthed in spiritual darkness?"
"Will you bring salvation to our town."
The more I thought on the men, I began to see their wives....
I began to see children....
I saw girlfriends....
Mothers and Fathers.....
Brother and Sisters....
I saw a host of people who were in darkness also.
I prayed, "Oh God! Let there be light to these who don't know you."
Open their hearts to understand the gospel.

I have an urgency inside.
Like time is running out.
Maybe it's my time that is running out, I don't know.
But I do know this....
"How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?
And how shall they preach unless they are sent? "
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

I can't speak for anyone else, only myself.
But I think that days of joy are going to be replaced by another kind of joy.
A joy that isn't selfish and self centered.
Thoughts of self will be replaced by tears and concern for others.

As Jesus told his disciples, "Look! The fields are white for harvest."
I pray that the workers are not few.
I pray that just as the rain fell earlier this week....
The burden of the Lord would flood our churches
our home meetings..
When that burden is realized, I pray that a cry ascends to heaven before the throne of God
that would stir Him to loose a flood of salvation
as the Word of God is spoken into the darkest of dark places.
Bring the light Lord!
Bring the light!

God on you....

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