Friday, December 18, 2015

I Choose

O.k.....It's confession time.
It has been a hard season so far, and I find myself wavering between wanting shout out about how grateful I am for God's love and mercy, not to mention His salvation, and simply going to bed, pulling the covers over my head and not coming up for air until we are well into 2016.

Vicki and I have been living among the rubble of renovation in our home for a while now. I know that we are not the only ones who have ever gone through this. But being a "rutter" (someone who has a routine and sticks to it) having all the upheaval is not conducive to my mental health. You see....truth be known, it's me whining about life. I am not going to do that. I am not going to bemoan what is going on. There are a lot more serious things happening out there in the world than me not being comfortable. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn't just come down and pull my "Christian" card, and kick me out of the club. I wonder why He doesn't just thump me on the noggin' and say, "Grow up IS hard, but look at how I have blessed you,even in the mess. 

So this morning I will be thankful and grateful.
I will start with something that happens every Friday morning between 3:00 a.m and 4:00 a.m.

I get a text message. There in the darkness of early morning, a message ga-ding-a-ding's my phone. I know who it is without looking at it. The message is the same each week, but is a wonderful reminder to me of what is truly important. "God loves you and so do I...Have a good day, and a great weekend." Is that awesome or what? Someone who is starting their day has taken the time to send this to me. Not that I am special or deserving of such a thing, but that God's love is so great that you just can't hold back on sharing it. 

During the morning, I will receive another text message from another friend. They are a high-energy friend who was delivered from addiction. They are so on fire for God, and filled with a love for Jesus that they refer to themselves as a true JESUS FREAK.   Nothing religious about they way they roll. And do they ever roll. From here to Africa on several occasions and are planning another trip in February. Their text message is one of encouragement for who we have become, a realization that we are not a finished work, and excitement over the journey. 

It's being surrounded by people such as these that make me want to get up and move on in my own journey. To not allow myself to be tied down by my own emotional/mental baggage that serves no purpose what so ever except to impede my walk with Jesus.

Even though these two text messages come from two who are younger than me, I want to be like them when I grow up. As John Wimber use to say, "I want to grow up before I grow older." That is exactly what I want for this day, so I choose not to grumble today. I choose not to complain today. I choose not to feel sorry for myself today. I choose Jesus!

Merry Christmas from the "B's" in Attalla.
Vicki and Michael

God on you....

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