Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If It's Tuesday, Then We Must Be Praying

Psalm 23:1
The Lord IS my shepherd. I shall not want.

To me, this verse is one of the greatest statements ever written in Scripture. What's even more amazing is that a king wrote it. I'm not sure but when you're king, you're pretty much at the top of the heap. Not to many others would dare tell a king what to do. But here we have King David recognizing that there was a king over him. The Lord God Almighty! David also recognized that as long as he submitted himself to God, nothing would be withheld from him that would help him face the daily trials of life. That is why David could boldly state....."The Lord IS my Shepherd." Present tense..."IS"....not "WAS"....or "WILL BE"...IS my shepherd. Shepherd right now, today, this moment, as well as every moment that followed.

In this knowledge, David understood the need to communicate with his Shepherd. To pray and petition God for the things needed in his life. Such is the power of prayer. Ongoing communication with the One True Living God who will move at the request of those who belong to Him. The ultimate Good Father, if you will.

That is why I take up prayer requests every Monday, when I teach a Bible class in the afternoon. So without further delay, here are the requests. Please consider becoming a part of our prayer group as we pray daily for these requests.

1.) Pray for a father that is going through some very difficult times due to an illness. That he would receive strength and hope, as well as healing. Also pray for his wife, as she is struggling against depression and loss of hope concerning her husband. Also pray that God might use this situation to open their hearts to return to Him.

2.) Many asked prayer for their job situation. These men are going out to find employment.Pray that God would lead them to the job that has been prepared for them. That they would have favor when they fill out their application.

3.)Prayer for one whose wife is expecting their second child the last of February. The man knows that he has no worth as a husband or father is he keeps on drinking. He truly wants to change and become the husband and father God has called him to be, so he can be there for his family.

4.) Prayer for one that is going back to jail to finish out his sentence. Of course no one wants to be in jail,but we talked together and he understands that this is all part of the process. That if he can continue to move ahead in his recovery, then this time in jail will be completed and it can be put behind him. Pray that God's Holy Spirit would continue to reveal the things this young man needs to address in his life, and that he would seek God for help in doing so.

5.)Pray for the staff at Rapha, that God would grant them wisdom and strength to face the daily task of trying to help those who truly need help.

Well, there you go...
Thanks again for taking these request to the Giver of all good gifts....

Until tomorrow...
God on you....


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