Friday, May 13, 2016

Perfect In Christ

" name is...."
The paper name tag that we use at meeting to identify who we are....

But truth is, we carry around an invisible name tag in our mind.
Just like the one above, it has to be filled out each day.

We don't write in our given'll never find MICHAEL on my name tag.
We etch the name in stone, thus it becomes a hard, cold fact that we believe is unchangeable. What name you may be asking?
The one that we use to define ourselves....

"Hello my name is LIAR"
"Hello my name is DRUNKARD".
"Hello my name is USER".

WE are very much aware of the name on our tag, and we feel as though everyone around us can see it. Living with these feelings brings about a downward spiral that really becomes the reason we continue in addiction.
"I am what I am, I cannot change, I am hopeless".
Names that we have given our self.

Psalm 51:6 reads: "But you (God) desire truth in the inward parts. And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom. What truth would it be that God desires me to know? What truth does he want to invade the very core and center of who I am as His creation? The truth about myself. The truth that comes from Him, that tells me that I a loved and that He wants to take off all the name tags I have placed on myself.

I know this may sound a bit corny, but since I am His creation, and He is THE creator, then I don't have the right to label myself. Only He does. And His desire is to see us walking in the total understanding of who we in Him. 

When I looked to myself, in the past, I saw failure.
I saw insecure.
I saw a total mess up.

Now here's a verse that is going to mess up your mind, not to mention your theology.
Hebrews 10:14 - For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.
Did you catch that?  He, meaning Jesus, has perfected.....this is past tense....
In other words, when I am saved God has perfected me. When God looks at me, He sees me as perfect because He is looking at me through the blood of Christ. You may be saying to yourself, as you read this, "I don't feel perfect". Well, it isn't about your feelings, it's about the truth. What does the truth say? It says that since I am saved, God sees me as perfect. RIGHT!!!!

So what now? Well, God may see you as perfect, but now His desire is to see our performance (behavior/deeds) brought into line with How He sees us.
In other words, God helps me to clean up my act, by cleaning me and setting me right in my thinking,and in my heart.

Don't let our enemy, the devil, put another stinking name tab on you today.
Take this verse from Hebrews 10 and quote it all day today. "I am perfect in God's sight"....."I have been perfected by God"...."I don't have to earn this, It is a gift from God".
Now that's some good stuff we can use, don't you think?

God on you...

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