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Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's Prayer....Not A Shopping List

Jeremiah 29:12
In those days when you pray, I will listen.......

Never doubt that God doesn't hear your prayers.
Never doubt that God doesn't have your best interest at heart.

Never doubt that God doesn't answer your prayers.
He does.
He is God.

But.......(here it comes...)
He also answers your prayers when what you are praying about may not be in your best interest.
Sometimes we pray for good things....
God wants us to have "GOD" things....

In other words, sometimes my prayer may sound like the desire of a little kid...
"Hey God! I sure would like for you to give me a gazillion gallons of ice cream!!"

God knows full well that I don't need a gazillion gallons of ice cream so, even thought that is what I prayed for, he isn't going to fulfill that prayer.
Bottom line, God decides what is and what isn't best for me.

This line of thought may wrankle a few folks, but somehow I think it is truly God's nature to act this way.
I have known several who were facing possible jail and/or prison time.
They would come to me all full of confidence that God was not going to let them go to jail or prison.
"Bro. Mike...I've been praying real hard and I think God is going to answer my prayer."

Some have even tried to strike a bargain with God.
"Hey God! If you keep me out of jail, I promise that I really will turn my life around."
Sorry Charlie...God isn't in the bargaining business. Why should He? He is God.

What I have seen happen is that when we are truthful in our prayers to God and place ourselves at His mercy, He acts on our behalf.

One man in particular had to go to a sentencing for his guilty verdict the courts had laid upon him.
Now he was one of those who came to me telling me that God would never let him go to prison. But as his sentencing date drew near, he changed his tune.
"I prepared to face whatever God has for me....I don't want to go to prison, but I want to simply be obedient to God. If it is prison, then He will be with me."

The man, who was facing three 20 years sentences, went before the judge.
His sentence? 36 months.
In fact, before the judge gave his sentence, he made the statement that he didn't know why he was doing this. Oh, I think I know. I think maybe there was some divine influence covering the whole matter.

What I'm about to write may sound strange to some, but my take on the whole prayer thing is that I am simply breathing (praying) back to God what He wants to do. I am joining in a prayer circle that goes on 24/7 in heaven. Son intercedes on our behalf to the Father. Father dispatches Holy Spirit to stir us. We pray and the Holy Spirit takes our request back to Jesus who, in turn, prays it to the Father. The Father acts. I am merely joined into this on going prayer meeting that never ends. 

Well the old clock in the lower right hand corner of my computer says....nothing.
It does show me that it's 7:25 a.m. and I need to get up and moving toward this mornings sessions of the LIVING SACRIFICES WORSHIP CONFERENCE.

Hope to see you tonight for Vineyard ReCovery.

God on you....

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