Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mr. Pete

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.........

Most unusual day yesterday....
Received a call from a friend, asking if I could come and talk with their father.
I agreed, not knowing what a present or gift this meeting would be for me.

I arrived at 11 a.m and after cordial introductions and hand shakes, we made our way to the front porch. 

Rocking chairs awaited us.....
We settled in and began to talk.

Small talk at first....
We each shared our life story, his being 19 years longer than my own.
He is 84 and I am 64 and 3/4's.

Summer day in Alabama,but there on that porch, a breeze blew in that made it all bearable.
Humming birds came and went to the feeders hung from the porch.
And there sitting next to me was Mr. Pete.

Even though he was 84, you could tell that his frame was sturdy and that he'd never been afraid of hard work. His generation lived by that code. You don't work.....You don't eat. 
Construction foreman.....
Pipe shop worker......
Pulp wooder.......

Worked in the Piggly Wiggley that use to be downtown Attalla.
Various other jobs that help to feed a family and keep a roof over their heads.
But that wasn't why I was there.
Here on this sunny summer day, Mr. Pete was nearing the end of his life journey.
He has multiple health problems, and not a lot of answers or solutions to them.

I was there to talk with Mr. Pete about his salvation.
Where do you even start with such a topic?
Do you just throw it out there cold and go from there?
I had prayed that God would open a door where we could approach the subject.
He did...
That God.....Is He good or what.

Turns out that Mr. Pete had been saved a number years back.
Highlight of our conversation:
"I ask forgiveness from God every day....I don't intentionally go about doing wrong, but I mess up. I don't want to leave this world having hurt someone else. I want to set things right before it's my time."

He talked of how an event years ago opened his eyes to his need for God.
Seems Mr. Pete was working on a high rise building, when he and another man were knocked off the 13th floor by some equipment. Mr. Pete managed to grab hold of an I-beam that was waiting to be placed. Looking at me, Mr. Pete said, "Son if you don't think something like this won't get your attention...well, you just might be dead already."

This man sitting across from me may not have been a theological giant, but I know this without any doubt. He may not have had much Spiritual Light (or insight) but what he did have, he walked out here and now to the fullness. Somehow I think maybe (my opinion) that God looks with great favor on those who do walk out what light they have.

We prayed together....
God's Spirit was there...

It was good.
We shook hands and I told Mr. Pete that I definitely was coming back to see him.
One last question from Mr. Pete.
"Son, don't that there beard itch you to death?"

As I walked back to my car, I thought to myself..."I want to be like Mr. Pete 19 years from now."
Like I said, this meeting was a present for me.

God on you....


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debbie said...

Thank you, Michael. You are a rare gem on this lump of coal.

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