Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Truth And Gratitude

John 8:32
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

The following was posted on Facebook by Jeffrey Cothran.
Long time friend, and brother in Christ, Jeffrey has fought many battles to be free from his addiction. I think the thing that draws me to him is his honesty. In fact, in recovery what is needed is a level of transparency and honesty that has no place for secrets.

With all this hating on the debate, I think I wanna say something about a "whistle" instead.
When I was a kid, out playing, round dark, a whistle would sometimes pierce the fading light.
My dad.
Not only was it unique, it was meant for JUST me. I knew WHO it was from, and I knew WHAT it meant. I knew what would happen if I avoided it. Saying I didn't hear it NEVER worked. I had 2 choices, come home, or face consequences. As a young 
R€B€L, saw my share of consequences. Truth.
Why didn't I want to come home? That's what I find myself askin me this morning. I mean, home was safe, I was loved, I needed to rest for school...BUT, my answer to the why, is straight up selfishness. Gonna do my way today dad! I was doin what I wanted to DO! Even though finishin offGabe Armstrong and Nicky Allen in that game of basketball wasn't > above said consequences, I liked doin things MY way. Always have. Not a good trait, if it is even a trait. Truth.
All that to say, a little over a year ago (Sept 7, 2015 to be exact) I heard a "whistle" pierce the darkness that had surrounded me. No mistake, it was for me. I knew WHO it was from and WHAT it meant!
It meant, time to quit playin boy, come home. It's WAY past dark!
At home, YOU are loved, YOU will be safe, and YOU will find "rest for your soul". For some grateful reason, my 2 choices merged into 1. I happened to be standing outside a Dr.'s office when I heard this whistle. In this "moment of clarity", the only option I could see, was goin home. That day, I did not care to finish the game.
That was 386 days ago today. Understood, these sober days are small compared to the hell I've raised, so this fo shaw ain't bragging! Just truth. Although, not gonna sell this short either. Each day is "another brick in the wall" (pink Floyd btw)
It's been hard shakin the marks left on me by addiction, won't tell you it's easy. But, just ask me if its worth it!
Cmon man?!
My mind is startin to see thru the smoke, I'm getting fat (ha), I'm happy, I'm learning to be a better father, I'm involved heavily with an awesome group of ex outlaws that mess up life and are honest enough to ADMIT their defects (be a great concept to add to most RELIGIOUS organizations btw), and today...I woke up "Unchained" (Van Halen btw)
Seen more n my share of friends die active, go to institutions, or just fade off into the unnecessary. I heard yesterday in a meeting that (sobriety) ain't for those who need it, but for those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. So, last thing, maybe YOU don't need to be like me. Don't wait for the "whistle", come on home early. Grip this life, it does work my friend.
All I got. Thanks fo lettin me speak it.
One day at a time♠️

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