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Friday, September 23, 2016

Waiting In Silence

My soul finds rest.....
In an age of noise.....
An age of opinion and social media.....
It's hard to find a place of solitude and rest.
In fact, we don't like silence. We turn on the radio or TV. We put on headphones or earbuds to channel an endless stream of noise to our brain. We don't like being left alone with our thoughts.

The New Living Translation of Psalm 62:1 reads:

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.
Waiting in silence is not something we are very comfortable with, yet here in Psalm 62 we see that such is a fertile place where we can meet with God. Some of the best times I've ever had with God was during what we use to refer to as "Watch night". I would go to the church (usually on a Friday night) armed with my Bible and a note pad, and would sit up all night reading and praying. I confess it was hard the first time I ever tried to do this. My mind would wander and I would get sleepy. But as I continued to have these watch nights, it became something that I truly looked forward to. I still have my notes and tidbits that God gave me during those times, and many that I wrote down are a part of who I have become. God was showing me the direction He wanted to take me, and glimpses of what I could expect as I took this journey.

I am all for setting aside a "quiet" time to spend with God. When you do it doesn't really matter...morning, afternoon, or evening. What does matter is that you set one up and then stick to it.  Vicki and I usually spend out quiet time in the mornings. Praying together and then reading and meditating on the Word. I like the mornings for my quiet time because what mind I have left is refreshed and not cluttered with the things of the day.

Setting up a time to spend with God is also a part of the discipline we need to escape the tug and pull of that old lifestyle. We develop consistency and commitment to our recovery by turning to God to direct us and guide us. We are no longer listening to that old voice in our head that came from the enemy. The one that told us to do the very thing that was destroying us. We have now been brought under the voice of God's Spirit. The voice of life. The voice of truth. Isn't it funny that both voices seem to sound alike. The proof of who we are following is that deep inside we know what we should and shouldn't do.

I do not thing that the devil likes it when we wait on God. I don't think the devil likes silence, such is why he tries to clutter our minds with noise. God's desire is for us to find that place of quietness and simply wait on Him. Trust me.....if we wait on Him......He WILL come to us. 

Simple food for thought today.....
God on you....


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