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Monday, December 5, 2016

He Is A Pretty Amazing God

You will hear some refer to Christmas as a "magical" time of the year.....
I'd probably throw in my two cents by saying that it is a celebration of the supernatural.
I'm always taken by that tern....supernatural.....because it is a word that has been created by man to define our understanding of God. Truth be known, everything God does is quiet natural to Him. We, humanity, live at such a lower place than where God is, anything He does is supernatural to us.

Within this story of Jesus' birth, we find angels showing up to announce future events. O.k.....there are still angelic visitations today, right? Right. But back in Jesus' day, God had not spoken a word for 400 years (see Amos 8:11). So all this divine silence was shattered by the comings and goings of angles. Two women become pregnant. One who is to old to bear children, the other a young virgin who has never slept with a man. There in the middle of these two women's stories is a verse that declares the power and awesomeness of God....Luke 1:37 -  For with God nothing shall be impossible. This has not changed.....

God has not grown frail or weak to the point that He cannot reach out and save whoever calls out to Him.
God has not gone out of business, or given up on the human race.

God's plans do not change...nor his ways of engaging us daily.
God will always be, to me, supernatural.....supernatural x 10....

So what am I trying to say this morning?
That God is worthy of me praising Him....
He doesn't need it...
He doesn't fish for it...
He doesn't have an ego that needs to be stroked with an "Atta boy God!"

He is simply worthy of me praising who He is, and His plans for my life.

Even though my body is wearing out, I am being renewed, healed if you don't mind me saying so, to become a new man daily.
That is worthy of praise.

Even though the times and seasons seem to be growing darker spiritually, I am held in the palm of His hand. Not so that I can escape hardship or suffering, but so He can be revealed through me to those who don't know Him or are not aware of who He truly is.
That is worthy of praise.

So, to me, Christmas is a celebration of a definite point in our time and space when God came down to us.
He came in fullness to a world that was empty and dying.
He came with hope to a time and place where hope was a rare commodity.

To be honest with you, the very idea that He could come is amazing....
But that is God, isn't it?

God on you....
and Merry Christmas from the "B's" in Attalla.

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