Saturday, January 28, 2017

Drugs And Alcohol: The Universal Solution To Problems Of Darkness

II Timothy 3:1
But know this, that in the last days perilous (stressful) times will come.

Perilous = stress.
Stress = pressure

Pressure = the need for coping 
Coping = the need to handle whatever situation we may find ourselves facing.
Whatever situation we may find ourselves facing = Jesus.

Why can't this simple equation be grasped? Well it is simple and yet, at the same time, becomes very complicated when you and I get involved. It is simple because Jesus is at the center of the solution to whatever we face. The solution is not found in chemicals or alcohol.
I think too often that when people here the word "Jesus" they automatically think church. They think this, because this is the only frame of reference they have to understand who Jesus is. Occasionally they may think "Televangelist" which only complicated the picture (if you know what I mean).  Very seldom do they see the Jesus of the Bible. The loving, caring, giving, Savior of all mankind. Those who know Him and those yet to know Him all fall under His care and focus.

The darkness of a sin/addiction only drives the individual farther and farther away from the truth.  What comes as conviction from the Holy Spirit is often lost in translation to a heart that is far removed from Christ. By that I mean, at the first signs of conviction, the pain and remorse for things done, people hurt and words spoken, rather than surrender and accept the loving salvation Jesus offers, the individual runs to the comfort and numbness of their drug of choice. 
Does that mean that such a person if beyond the reach of God? No! What we must do is allow God to work in each of us, to be a voice of love and reason to draw that person into the light of Christ so they can see themselves as Jesus sees them. Not as something or someone that is worthless and has no value. 

If the scripture from II Timothy 3 is true, then we should not be surprised at the condition of the world we see all around us today. Self indulgent..........Self centered......all about image and how we appear to others....lovers of pleasure....haters of what is good...We should take all of this in and see it for what it truly is. The harvest is white. The harvest is now. Lives are at a stage where they are ripe to receive the gospel of Jesus. I know this because whenever I go somewhere to speak, when ministry time is opened, the front is flooded with people who want to know this Jesus. This has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the work of God's Holy Spirit in the meeting. People are ready to come into the Kingdom of God, they are just waiting on someone to tell them that this God is real and He really does love them. 

A person does not have to medicate themselves into oblivion to feel alive. A person does not have to drink themselves into a coma in order to escape the darkness. All that has to be done is surrender. Give up. Turn to this Jesus and cry out to Him...."Lord, help me..I'm so tired of living like this. Save me please!" Don't be surprised if He doesn't take you up on it.

God on you...


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